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love is like falling and falling is like this by tragickatt comment:   *shivers* squirrels by ticky21 comment:   omfg, i almost died when i read this. hahaha A Very Special McDonald's Story by unclebob comment:   hilarious. I want to be as wonderful to him as he is to me. by itsdorkrock comment:   beautiful ..and all of this is all your fault... by ineedyouso comment:   i want to be in love My first wet dream by unclebob comment:   my penis is vomiting! god bless. ME! by kelly comment:   drunk entries rock The One Where Jen Apparently Loses Her Fucking Marbles by bradpitt comment:   RIP purple bong to the smelly britney who signs my g-book. by britnyspears comment:   oh god Equipped Well by observations comment:   jimmy likes his little jimmy Whatchew looking at, bitchtard? by weetabix comment:   everything by weetabix is good, but this just killed me.
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