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from tvland :
PS. Are you going to Guelph? If you are, Toronto is only an hour or two away. It would be fun to catch up.
from tvland :
Hey! I just found your note to me. (Probably you left it there a while ago?) I don't go to this site much anymore, but this old journal will be forever attached to my name because of some answer on a survey I can't delete. See you on Facebook. Thanks also for thinking of me.
from broken214 :
I wish I got to travel more. Congrats on moving!
from blanchem :
is annabeth your real name, or your first/middle names combined?
from lovelyg :
from mrsjosh :
hey b-head, i miss you! -queenie
from jackie-rae :
Hey Anne, was forwarded your diary recently to read your cyber eulogy for Auntie Daphne, my condolenses. Started my own and have become quite addicted to reading yours. Talk to you soon. Jackie
from cdghost :
found your words and enjoyed reading them
from anibananie :
Hello! Your sister's room sounds cool. I wanted something wacky but I had to settle for a sludge green type thing. Oh and also, you start travelling on my birthday! My 16th birthday even! That is kind of cool...
from cornnugget :
Hey Anna! I found your diary in the members area a few weeks back and wanted to tell you that I really enjoy reading it. I hope you don't mind, because I find your recounting of your travels and your experiences pretty interesting. Take care! - TJ

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