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from invisiblepal :
I came here to leave you this message, "You should check out Invisible Don at http://invisibledon.diaryland.com" but then I decided to read some stuff first. Your 100 things rock! And I like some of the same books you've mentioned!!
from i-am-quipod :
Wow...I read the 100 things about you and I comply with about seventy-five of them. Weird. Most of the diaries on this thing are all really really depressing...it's nice to see one that isn't. BTW, if I had a PhD, I'd call myself Dr. Aravis, too. Snoochie Boochies~ Madame Quipod
from spazsop :
Hi! I like the Chronicles of Narnia too! Which one is your favorite? I can't decide on mine. Well,gotta go! Leave me a message sometime okay?!

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