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from rosetta7 :
I would like to talk to you about Axl cuz I'm going through the same thing. I tried to e-mail you but it didn't go through.
from rosetta7 :
I would like to talk to you about Axl cuz I'm going through the same thing. I tried to e-mail you but it didn't go through.
from candoor :
happy new year :)
from wordsofmine :
Wow! You are a great woman! Thank you for being such an inspiration. I've enjoyed Austin Liz and I know I will enjoy Las Vegas Liz as well.
from sarahsundae :
YOU GO GIRL! Vote Nadar! Woohoo! I voted for him in 2000 (lotta good that did thanks to the cheater Jeb). I wish it was Edwards and not Kerry , to be honest. He would be so much better. Don't even get me started. What is this a vote for Nadar is a vote for Bush crap? That is crap. I'm sorry. I don't know this person below me, but it's nothing but crap. A vote for Nadar is a vote for Nadar, hello. And girl-if I was in Texas I would so be your concert fiend! We would go see them all. I won't kill you for not going to see VR again. You're SO lucky they are playing there again. I think Scott hates me. I do. He knows that I am planning my attack to chloroform him and hide him in my basement for my personal slave so he won't come within 1000 miles of me. I know it. I do. And don't be jealous of my almost 5 miles of running. Do you know how long I worked to get there? When and if you are ready-you will get there. Besides-it's my thing right now. That and my obsession for Ryan Newman is back again. Oh sexy cow man. I just love him. Not that Scott isn't a sexy man. Oh anyway....
from dullstar :
Coupla things: first, a vote for Nader is a vote for Bush. Studies show that if people who voted for Nader in the last election had to have voted for one of the other two major candidates they would have voted for the democratic candidate. Just so you know. Also, try craigslist for a concert buddy.
from onlyyouknow :
thank you very much for your comment about my layout. If you ever want me to make you one, just let me know and I'll try my best ^_^
from juddhole :
Liz-baby, thanks for that great review. I totally dug it. I liked the criticism too, not just 'cause you were spot-on, but because your the first review I've had that's really done that. I was a little worried about it, you know, since you're a Texan and all and I love to bag on Texans but, you love Austin like I loved it and therefore makes you emminently cool, so I knew I shouldn't worry. Thanks again.
from dullstar :
I watched Jersey Girl this weekend too. We're linked, cosmically. Or maybe we just have too little to do.
from dullstar :
That entry (which you may forget about until you go to update again) totally made my night. I can picture you typing it, probably the same way I type my drunken entries: deliberately and with gusto. Anyway. Drink some Gatorade and some Pepto.
from inocentear :
your dog is a cutie. and i love your template. gnr is my fave.
from sarahsundae :
a motorcycle cop in eyeliner....drool! thanks for the link my dear dear dear friend!!
from misselyssa :
Hi Liz, I found your diary a week or so ago and it rocks. I'm adding you to my favourites :-)
from onewetleg :
thanks a blob for taking my survey. lovely answers. i will go and take yours, i promise. hehe.
from sarahsundae :
OH! I love me some Scott and Duff so we have to share Duff a bit if that's okay. LOL! I was worried about the video for some reason thinking it was going to be stupid but it was really touching-okay yes I said it before and I will say it again-I AM A DORK! Scott looks so luscious I must say. His wife is lucky. *sigh*
from shadow-box :
Wow. So just read the heartbreak letter after clicking on the porn banner. I think it was an exceptional intro to your writting style. Were you crying when you made the poo joke? Did you send him the letter, and did he ever respond? Or maybe you had the kind of relationship where he didn't have to? By the way, what kind of porn? There's lots of man porn in my Archives. I'm running on very lil sleep, I enjoyed the My So Called Life quotes, I actually remember most of those. I think they're showing reruns on either VH-1 or MTV? I'll leave you with my fav George Carlin quote: "My God has a bigger dick than your God."
from hamlette2002 :
Have you ever tried one of those protein bars? When I quit smoking, I couldn't stop shovelling food into my face until I ate about half of one of those things - it didn't taste exceptionally great, but it filled me up, and I was finally able to stop eating!
from molzo :
The latest entry I wrote was supposed to be titled "nastygirl", but I already named something that, and I can't have two entries named the same thing! So, I changed the name, BUT, I went and read the real nastygirl entry, and it is gross and funny. You should read it here: It's funny.
from silentpoetry :
Hello-ello. Howdy, I just happened to click on your banner I saw advertising when I was updating my own little fucked up world of a diary and I got caught up in reading your diary. Just wanted to wish you luck on your writing, I'm a writer too and currently I am working on (or I should say slacking off on) a few books myself. So good luck from a fellow writer :) and live it up.
from disclosure- :
finding someone whom i admire takes a lot all i can say is wow =) xx
from apocalypse-x :
I just love reading your diary! It really amuses me and makes me laugh when all I can write is stupid depressing things about how I can't get a boyfriend... Whatever... I'm linking you ^_^ Good job on teh diary... >_<
from not-ready :
i love jordan too. and angela. awesome banner.
from jendra :
Love the banner! I loved my so called life!
from sarahsundae :
Well I'm glad I ALMOST make you want to get up and do something. LOL! You ROCK!
from evaluate-you :
Your review is up at Sandpaper Reviews. Thanks!
from evaluate-you :
You're on the list for a review with us! Thanks for stopping by.
from sarahsundae : even a little would make me happy. lol. darn i am SO bad. so bad. ah... what can you do? obsess, obsess, obsess.
from sarahsundae :
well thanks but i would much rather have scott sweat on me then work out on the stair master for 25 minutes. isn't that just wrong? lol! you are the BEST!!
from dullstar :
yes, it is kind of strange how our lives mirror each other's...good luck tomorrow! try to focus on coming up with a good answer for "so, why do you want to work here?" aside from "uh, well, i need a job." because that doesn't always go over well. good luck!!
from candoor :
been a while since I stopped by and I see you're now austinliz from dallas (does that mean you get a parentheses after your name now?)... you're still fun to read and I hope you find what you're looking for where you want it cuz being where you want to be is often more important than anything else... that wasn't mean to be profound, just was meant to be something to say...
from datura93 :
Just wanted to say hello! I found your diary through a banner and read a few entries...I see you are obsessive like I am! I'm sure I'll drop in from time to time ;)
from tattooholly :
just curious...what city is the job in?
from xsilvamoonx :
Hallo there! Came across your journal, twas nice to meet a fellow obsessor... well, have a nice day! *schnoogles* - Lauren
from wordsofmine :
Ohmygoodness! They fired Jorja and Eads? I hadn't read that yet. What is wrong with them? I have watched CSI from the very beginning and all the reruns. They can't do that to us. Loved your site and the excerpt from your story.
from leslieirene :
Hi know, I was reading your latest entries in the Spark diary, and I was thinking, "wow, this girl is really a good writer!" I enjoy reading your posts. Great job! Have a nice week! Blessings, Leslie :)
from tothefloor :
thanks so much for the sweet note; i'm enjoying scrolling through your entries too! also? i, too, love austin. best, elle-emme
from knicker :
Happy 3 years. It's nice to be able to look back and see how life went down. Oh, and as for my recent 2 year anniversary, sometimes it's good to be wrong you know? By the way, just to keep you up to date Knicker=Tandia. Keep it real homie.
from thedrink :
I can't wait until he's big. I'm over the whole puppy stage already after too many 4 am mornings.
from sarahsundae :
hey! thanks for being the first one to join my velvetrevolv ring! rock on!!
from dullstar :'s me! I've been reading mymichelle during downtime at work since my review, and I'll sneak an entry of this diary every now and then, but I don't want to get into this diary until I've read all of that diary and I just wanted to let you know that I'm reading you and enjoying it. And, I'm just plain avoiding writing a paper. Have a pleasant day.
from good-evil :
Your review is up. You can view it here : Thanks and have a good day!
from lovinglav :
from miche218 :
wow..well, I had a boyfriend for 12 years, who I met in grade school, fell in love, got married, totally hated because we had nothing in common, and I divorced the bastard. I've been better ever since. Not great..but learning, growing. Trying not to be bitter which can be so hard. I hear a lot of myself in your entries. Amazing how a relationship can mold us into the thing we love/hate the most huh?
from emiline220 :
Username: emiline220 password: guest
from slutreviews :
Correction dear, you're *my* first ever 100, the Nurse has given out a few, I've not given one out at all. ~ The Intern. But you're welcome.
from slutreviews :
from whystinger :
Twisted fuckin' story! I love it!!!!! I want to find the time to read more of you!!!
from aramco-junky :
Dude i know the whole diet business... i got on one 3 weeks ago, b/c i gained 20 pounds compared to how small i was back in Saudi... it sux... now my favorite condiments are like pepper and lemon... pathetic huh? lol.
from crimson13 :
you rock on some level i cant rightly explain.
from gnu-high :
Heh! Haven't seen a drunk entry in a while. Hope you had a great time in post-graduation and decade-turning revelry. :)
from reviewgump :
I totally reviewed you. It's really offensive and not PC in the least. I hope it gives you a good laugh, but if it bothers you at all let me know.
from tandia :
I'm just beginning to move out of the "I don't care about the future becase it's going to take care of itself phase" and frankly I'm scared to death. I'll be over at from now on. It was time for a change.
from ochweidnit :
Your "mom" entry moved me in a very sentimental, bitter-sweet way... having read my "mom" entry, you'll know that not everyone gets along with their mother. Treasure what you have, and above all, let her know that you think she is great. I love that you are able to articulate your feelings for her in such an elegant way, many people are clumsy with emotional words. Say hi to your mom for me :)
from grandbeach :
I hate it when couples do that in theatres, I also hate it when people are practically having sex in the bar too... As for Matt, you need to get rid of him before you completely lose your mind and self-esteem. I'm sure you realize that, but maybe you just need others to say the same thing. So here I am, telling you what you already know. Good Luck with everything!
from dr-evil45 :
Has a guy done you wrong? Want to share about it? Go check out and share your story! We want to read about the slimeballs! More info is provided, so check it out, link us, and promote! Thanks!
from dylanwashere :
You know, I always found Christian Slater just a little too creepy, but my girlfriend thinks he's the ultimate. She loved Heathers and we have to sit down and watch it ever so often. He was in some strange movies, though. I mean, that guy in Very Bad Things, like what kind of best friend is that?
from itsmylife :
I was floored after Idol last night. Terrible. Paula had me crying!
from sicknick :
this is the first time i've ever followed 'idol', and i can honestly say that i probably never will again. one disappointment after another...
from kiki-blue :
that is funny shit, that's for sure! your comments link wasn't working today either, but your pulp fiction layout certainly rocks it:)
from sicknick :
i got googled today for "show me how to skateboard". i mean, everyone knows that i've got a daily column on 'trick tips', right? geez, the only thing anyone's gonna learn from my entries is how NOT to write properly.
from tandia :
I enjoy my girl dectective name which is Foal Memorial because that just doesn't make sense. I also think some soap opera chick out there should have my soap opera name. It's Mary Elizabeth Groves. Is that not perfect? Good times with the fun entry.
from kristintracy :
liz, my liz. i am confused every time i read your comments about me on your profile because i am too stoopid to either remember or re-realize that they are quotes from MSCL until after pondering the meaning of it, and even considering mailing you and being like "um, i never said that, but it's a cool quote and sorta sounds like me!" and then i look up. DUR.
from cinemashow :
Thanks for the shout out. Your diary's design kicks my diary's ass, and my honor student.
from imaphatpig :
found your diary through another's. your design is so clever! And also... your vast knowledge of MSCL quotes is astounding. And also, you remember and enjoyed Remote Control? You are officially the coolest person I have "met" today. Thanks! Did you ever watch or like G.L.O.W.? Just checking. -A
from dullstar :
omg, dibbly fresh!!! [] one remembers that!
from ripplingwave :
Hey, I like your diary, It's quirky and kinda cute. And your obessessions (not including gambling) sound random, the kinda crushes I would get. Thanks for writting. ;)
from grandbeach :
I wish I could win 4000$. Congrats!
from tandia :
Thanks!Well what was that for?
from kristintracy :
Hey! Thanks for filling out my survey. I'm so glad you enjoy my diary. I just got back from Wal-Mart. I am going to attempt to replace the wiper blades on my car. WOOT!
from shehides- :
Way back when, you requested a review from Ocean reviews [] Since the time you were reviewed we've gotten a new owner and a new grading scale. So if you'd like a review just request one and we'll delete your old one!
from kepo-reviews :
Hi! Your request for your diary to be reviewed refers. The review is done and if you want to read it, it's here -->
from im2evil4u :
SMACK-SMACK I'm an idiot. I loved that show! However, I must ask why you assigned that quote to me? Just curious. :)
from im2evil4u :
BTW -- The quote you listed for me is not mine. I don't want to piss someone off.
from im2evil4u :
Just wanted to say thanks for adding me to your favorites and I loved the pics. Your dogs are wonderful and you are beautiful.
from iluvjessee :
Hey! Thanks for stopping by as well! <><
from krazieespy :
I loved the carbs banner. Ilike the template too... Very Neat Diary!
from unsentletter :
About the older entries at unsentletter: If one never archives their older entries, then eventually it becomes impossible to do so, particularly if there are some 5895 entries to be archived. Such was the case when I took over unsentletter a few months ago - the older entries (at least 5000 at that time) had never been archived. It is now impossible to even open the archive page because it is so large (ie: it simply will not load). Therefore, the older entries can never be archived and as such, the older older entries eventually dissapear of the page. Sad but true... and there ain't nothin' I can do.
from ittybittycat :
I clicked on your Omarosa banner. Awsome banner. You have a really really prettiful diary. tacke care :)
from neangel :
hey. i clicked the banner & discovered that we have one buddy in common - g1rly-g1rl. i love hannah she's the best. anyways another thing is Dallas. My family all lives in Keller [outside Fort Worth] & I am looking for work in the DFW area so I can move. If you know of anything that could help me I would greatly appreciate it! I live in California so it's hard doing the online thing. it'd also be nice to make a few potential friends before I do make the move. ;-)
from not-tuesday :
Ahh, man the Omarosa banner is GREAT!
from spritopias :
love the Omarosa banner
from candoor :
This is a test. (beep) This is a test of the Emergency Valentine's Day System. (EVS) This test is to see if leaving notes around DLand will make this a wonderful day (and weekend) in spite of not particularly being with anyone romantically at the moment. (ummm) May the results be that all this love in my heart found some productive use. (smile) And maybe a giggle or few (Happy V-Day from my other persona too :)
from curious-me :
Hi there. I felt compelled to leave you a note after reading your lasted entry. Sometimes it seems that I am so obsessed with losing weight it's all I think about. I always seem to have good intentions but that's all they ever turn out to be. I try to not go on about it in front of my boyfriend but I guess I've been slipping lately cause yesterday he went out and bought me a natural weight lost supplement and then we went shopping and bought a butt load of fruit and veggies. I think it's his way of being supportive. I'm not aiming to be 'thin' by any means (I'm about the same weight as you) but I want to be able to look into the mirror and not make that 'ugh' face at the reflection looking back at me (oh and fitting in my jeans would be nice). Anyway, I just had to leave you a note letting you know I truly know how you feel about this whole weight thing. Good luck with losing weight and feeling better about yourself...for both of us!
from miche218 :
loved your quiz; I filled it out if you feel like reading :)
from reflective1 :
borrowed today's entry (I think it's today's), the quiz thingy. And I'm more of a recent reader, but I enjoy it nonetheless.
from geeky-kiki :
Hi-- you've listed me as a favorite, but geeky-kiki is dead! If you're still interested, I can be found at Thanks!
from bttrflychic :
That would be me that quoted Rose! :-)
from gnu-high :
Good luck for the job interview! :)
from molzo :
Miss you.
from yvette18 :
hey liz, just dropping you a line and saying hello. I am trying to get better acquainted with the other spark members. I really love the bull you got me for christmas. I have named him herbert,and I really like him. He is special because one horn is bigger than the other. *smile*
from luckynlove :
Hey Liz! I loved your entry today about My So-Called Life! I've missed that show! Do you have it on DVD? Reading your entry made me want to go out and buy the DVD's... maybe I will!
from warmvanilla :
Ok, beside the fact that I keep coming across your journal ramdomly. It's popped up about eight times. So i figured I should leave you a note. I've read a few of your entries and I like them. Don't know what else to say so I'll leave it at that. ~Shell
from gnu-high :
I hope you both enjoy the Vegas trip! :)
from thespark :
Sad times, I tell you. You have to promise not to leave me far behind.
from xpunkettex :
Awww Liz is leaving us! I'll miss you and yer diary :( You're a very talented writer.
from wovangel :
Hey, i jst joined the over-it diaryring and found your name there, i went through all 5 of them, but they all sucked. I can sorta relate to you, from the ONE entry i read, it sounds like you need someone to talk to, i am not exactly the best coice (You don't know me) But if you want to i can listen, just type your message to me, i'll read over it and try to give you advice, :D
from ihmx100 :
If you need a friend, or just someone to talk to, feel free to e-mail me. This may make me sound pathetic, but besides my cousin, all my close friends are my online friends. Just want to let you know I'm here to listen and talk as well if you want to. Hope everything is okay. Love, Michelle
from sangria-rose :
Hey. I've been reading your diary for a while and I feel the same way. I don't know how reads it! haha. So I don't put every little detail in there. Good for you! Keep writing. And I wish you the best! love- Ash (aka Sangria Rose)
from bottleofbluz :
"behind blue eyes" is a song by the Who, that Limp Bizkit covered. Just for your information.
from ihmx100 :
Liz, I'm speaking for myself and hopefully a lot of your readers feel the same way, so I'm going to refer to us collectively as "we". We love you. Through good and bad. We are there to say "fuck that guy for breaking your heart." And we are also there to say, "good for you! You are giving him another chance because YOU think the relationship is worth it." My point is, we (I) are not going to judge you for your decisions. We are your cheerleaders, if you want to look at it that way. Seriously, I am happy for you that you feel the need to explore this relationship further. If and when the time comes, you will end it as you see fit. If not, we will all be rooting for you at your wedding one day. I hope you see my point in all of this rambling. ;-) Best of wishes and God bless. Michelle
from xpunkettex :
Awww chin up Liz... you'll live. Shit, read the bullshit I've been through and I lived. *thumbs up* *hugs* YOU CAN DO IT!
from orangina21 :
relationships suck. I know you've never heard of me, I surfed in the other day, and I can relate to both the job and boyfriend woes. I'm 23, and I am in a situation right now with my boyfriend from college. He decided that he would dump me because I was living away so far away (8 hours) but he waited until I had just decided to move back to his area. Now that I'm back, he wants to see me again, but is saying that he can't handle a serious commitment. :( Boys stink. I wish you the best, and I know that you will find someone who is better for you.
from vm72182 :
Hi! Procrastination brought me to your site...I'm supposed to be studying for finals, but whatever. Oh, and by the way, I literally laughed out loud after reading this in your "about me" page: "If someone is behind me when I'm opening the gate to my apartment with my big bad access thingie, I feel important." but that's probably because I feel the same way too. =)
from amalthea23 :
ok, so the guestbook hates me and wouldn't let me sign and then did it twice, so feel free to delete one of those asap...
from ihmx100 :
Liz, you did the right thing and deep down inside I think you know that. Fuck him for only caring about sex and companionship. Fuck him for occupying 6 years of your life. You don't need a man to tell you that you are pretty. I've seen your pics; girl you are pretty! Try to remain strong and stand firm in your decision. Stay angry for awhile. That will help to deter you from changing your mind. Wanna come to Tennessee for new year's? We could have a big girl's night out! You are doing the right thing and I admire you. Michelle
from misspinkkate :
Stumbled in from a banner- girl, you do deserve more! Drive three hours, punch him in the face, and then dump his sorry tired ass! You're worth it!
from godsong :
Hiya - I stumbled across your diary...enjoyed reading it! Sorry to hear about your job situation - I'm sure it will work out that you will find an even better one. Hope you have a wonderful rest of your week!
from curious-me :
Hi - just stumbled across your diary - okay I clicked on your banner! But I started reading and I've only read a few entries and wanted to let you know that I enjoy reading it. You're a funny gal. I'll enjoy reading your journal archives (I'm a nut like that). Cheers.
from im-so-rebel :
i like your "i like porn" banner. heh heh. porno is nice. anyways, you diary is a good read! yup!
from haloaskew :
You know what I really love about The West Wing? The way the characters are at work well before 8 am, skip lunch (or eat at their desk), pay no attention to 5 pm and stay till late in the night. I find it fascinating. They make work seem fun, challenging AND rewarding, ya know? But I have to ask: When do they do laundry? Or go grocery shopping? Or SLEEP? I have fantasies about being that driven, but I have to say, I'm glad I have a life outside my job! :) Love what I've read in your diary thus far...good stuff!
from crazyglue :
Of all the diaries I have encountered here, I think yours is one of the best.
from candoor :
There really are too many people online I would love to meet without really being sure why and you are one of them. This proves life is unfair, but I am leaarning to live with that.
from love-to-live :
I just read your musings on life entry. Since I'm just starting college, it really put things in perspective. I enjoyed reading it. Thank you.
from the-twisting :
your review is done if you didn't already know.
from laylogic :
hey! the west wing is a really good sho-not many people i know like it. ah, diets, good luck sweetie-diets giv me the shits
from onesexypollo :
I absolutely love all the dogs pictured here! I am a big dog fanatic... the goldens are so cute... specially Charlie! :)
from ihmx100 :
I'm proud of you for how you are "looking" at this whole situation with moving back to Dallas and your relationship with Matt. That takes maturity, but you are doing the right thing. Hang in there and hope you have a great Christmas and exciting roadtrip!
from bflywishrevu :
Your review is finally done! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. -Alex
from delicaterevu :
hi. I'm not sure if your reviewer informed you, but your review has been up at ( nice job.
from phatgrrl :
thanks for joining my windowlickers diaryring! are you still in austin? I was just there last night.
from jane-does :
Oh, and about the nasty comments from other review sites... I read the review by "bondagebear." Don't you think it is ironic that Mrs. Bear mentions your spelling errors, when her review is worse in that aspect? Anyway, your fans are right. Forget what we think. Damn the man! (But I liked you.)
from jane-reviews :
Your review is posted. And you are going on my favorites!
from shigatsu1974 :
i understand that you want things to work between you two but take it from a woman who has been through it: he is using you for sex once in a while and has no intention of making you a permanent or important part in his life. so to be so forward but i think you need it.
from ihmx100 :
I admit I'm offering unsolicited advice, but I feel compelled to do so. You can bitch me out later if you want! First, I know you have a 5 year history with Matt, but it's not a good sign that he was expected you to foot the bill to Vegas. My ex-husband did that while we were dating and I overlooked it, and then it continued on throughout our marriage. Secondly, you have nothing to PROVE to him! You are a unique, special person and that is all that matters. If he is making you feel that you have to prove something to him, I just urge you to keep an open mind about this relationship.
from emiline220 :
Heh. That's funny what you said about Vickburg. I used to live there and I wouldn't call it that great of a place for a vacation either, especially compared to Vegas. Sorry about that. At least you're going somewhere and you still get to spend time together. I hope everything works with you two. And thanks for signing my guestbook a while ago. I agree 5 years should definitely be celebrated, married or not.
from eustilly :
Phew! For a second there, I thought I was the only one who loved Eric Stoltz! Oh, and I, too, HATE John Mayer. Hate!
from ihmx100 :
fuck those reviewers. you totally rock!
from marinedream :
from owauno :
heh, instad...typos are rad
from owauno :
(it's molly) fuck those fucking reviewers is what I say! come to Ohio and spank me instad!
from invernal :
Hey there! Welcome to the Coldplay forever ring. Thanks for joining.
from ihmx100 :
Liz, I know you have many fans so to you I may be "just a number", but I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your diary. Your wit, honesty, bluntness, craziness is just so cool. If I lived in Austin, I think we would totally be friends. About your weight issue...I'm right there with you. Why can't we lose weight? It must be something inside like you said because I WANT to be thinner, not skinny, just not so pleasantly plump. Good luck with Nano. I was going to participate this year but my health problems have prevented me from devoting enough time at the computer. If you get a chance, I'd love for you to check out my diary. Not nearly as entertaining as yours, but I'm trying! :-)
from misspinkkate :
Come take the new survey just for "Queer Eye" fans, fab5fans, created by me!
from fallonme :
I wanted to sign your guestbook, but it wouldn't let me get there. I miss the GN'R entries, you always sound so happy when you write about Axl. I also love the toilet layout, makes me giggle whenever I see it.
from bbreviews :
Your review is up... Thanks for requesting!
from invisibledon :
from moonshine76 :
Ooh, a survey! I might steal that one, if that's okay? I have another good one that someone sent me. I've been "saving" it for when I don't feel like properly updating. Haha. Have a good night. :)
from xpunkettex :
Hey I've been meaning to leave a note in yer diary for a while considering I've been reading it forever. "Good times people!" lol that's one of my fav. things. Yer a good writer, I love how you put things into words :) and yer layouts are AWESOME! *is jealous* Anyways, check out my diary if you wish :P later daze. p.s- yer really pretty! *is jealous again*
from taintedviews :
the review is all finished
from quotheraven :
DANG GIRLFRIEND! I would NEVER even leave the metroplex for a booty call, let alone drive for 3 hours! Shit you've got guts! Oh well, he must be a good lay then...cheers!
from everoboto :
Welcome to the metalchicks diaryring. \m/
from globe :
Would you like some extra traffic to your diary? Please come check out a new listings site called Globe. Thanks for your time. Have a great day!
from stardumb :
awesome. i wasn't sure because i saw the picture for a split second before my left-click reflexes kicked in. i love him. you now have my permission to love him too. hehe... we'll have to try and do something about those braids though. laterz.
from stardumb :
was that axl rose on your banner?
from banshee-rose :
Thanks for the note. I hate refried beans too. Yucky!
from everwoodrevu :
Your review is up.
from vizzle :
Hey i just stumbled across your diary. It's awesome, and I love the layout. Just thought you would like know that. later. -Voltaire
from yumenomiko :
I have a Migraine template too! Love it, wonderful design, user friendly set up, blah blah blah. But I've never been able to have my "older entires" entry names link to the actual entry. How on earth did you get yours to work?!
from banshee-rose :
Great site.
from serena6184 :
holy crap! i love your horesman layout!!! very cool
from neangel :
I clicked & came - enjoyed! take care!
from blaiyze : is rather difficult to read.
from love-to-live :
Hi, yesterday I clicked on your link from the Template Challenge guestbook because my name is Liz too. I looked around but didn't have a chance to leave a note...Well, last night I dreamt I met you. Interesting, huh? Have a great day!
from misspleasure :
The new template looks great =)
from ochweidnit :
I have been reading you for a while now, and to hear that you are feeling good makes me smile... I am glad you are in high spirits, you deserve to be. Thankyou for a most fascinating and engrossing read. I like porn too.
from dust-settle :
id gladly swap states with you for a few months...a breezy 57 degrees here.
from greview :
Your review is up! Congrats on being the first person to be reviewed by us! You did REALLY well, and thanks so much for applying :o)
from quotheraven :
I have always had this motto and stuck with it: I don't love anyone who doesn't love me. If it was meant to be then it WOULD be. Don't sweat that dude anymore. All that will happen by doing that is you will be blinded by the illusion of him and you won't be able to see the good ones that pass. Keep your eyes open for those guys instead.
from bbreviews :
Congratulations! You have been successful in your application for a review! Your review will be done by: Bondagebear!
from velvet-heart :
Heya! I clicked on your banner because it made me laugh- but I fell in love with your diary. Let me know if its okay if I may add you- yes I'm one of those random people that actually like to ask for permission lol *wink*
from raven72d :
Great banner, fun diary... I always liked Austin-- sp. the Texas Chili Parlor.
from no-yes-maybe :
just clicked on the banner....awesome banner and I must say, great diary!
from lovealways- :
just clicked on your banner...i talk about a Matt alot too. you're not alone.
from quotheraven :
Hey Liz! Love your diary! I read that page all about you and I SWEAR we're a carbon copy of each other just about! I love Axl, Sebastian, My So Called Life, etc. We're the same age only my birthday is in Sept. I'm in Dallas, born and raised. It's kinda creepy how the similarities are! Anyhoo, I love your diary.
from nerryna :
i saw your banner : why did monica lewinsky cross the road? haha it made me laugh!
from luminaryssh :
oo you got your guestbook fixed - very nice! Only trouble is, it's not accepting entries, it keeps saying "you haven't filled out all the required fields". I noticed that the HTML tag doesn't have a front <, right up the top of the page. That may be what the problem is. And yay for dads, money, and jobs. I just started re-reading The Stand today too...
from bbreviews :
Congratulations! You have been successful in your application for a review! Your review will be done by: The Feisty Leo!
from tokcocktok :
Thanks for the magnificent review!
from bbreviews :
I've noticed you like reviews... why not try Bondagebear Reviews?
from cheekyreview :
Your review is up @ Cheeky Reviews!
from p-brain :
Welcome to the -79 ring
from rougereviews :
Your review is finished at Rouge Reviews.
from geeky-kiki :
"I don't care if he's pregnant and his butt is on fire and he's about to have an ass baby." I know! That was my favorite Lovelines quote from last night too. I only started religiously listening to it recently, and I can't go a night without it now. Strange addiction.
from laurelote :
Hi! Thanks for joining my (Captain!) Jack Sparrow diaryring, mate! :-D
from bluntviews :
your review is up at blunt views!
from ginko :
hey doll.. thanks for joining my diaryring! we all need to get the stick out of our asses and admit to our shit. tell yer friends ;)... jac
from ochweidnit :
Bah! to that bad review. I enjoy reading you. Yay for drunken entries and gay brothers, I have one too.
from megl42 :
welcome to the VMA kiss ring!
from cold--fusion :
Welcome to Fog. Cute diary ]
from orgasmicrevu :
from his-boy :
I like your style and writing.beautiful.:)
from tessarooski :
I read your banner and I seriously thought we were long lost twins seperated at birth. I will definately be back to read your diary.
from onesexypollo :
I just want to say I'm as frustrated with that review as you are. She obviously either has a resentment for great writers or she just didn't read your diary. More emotion? Better writer? Like SHE can give YOU tips? WTF? :( I want to bitch her out, but I will hold back. *hug* Hope all is going well! I am a faithful reader of your diary!
from veuvenoire :
Absolutely adore your diary, and I agree with you utterly about certain furry animals and like a certain people who apparently have an obsession with Chicago. You said what I've been thinking for quite sometime but never bothered to vocalize.
from taliarant :
That was such a bad banner! :) I can't believe I clicked on it. I'm pretty sure you're running several right now because I think I've clicked through to you before. I definitely rememeber all the green. Um, but the point I was gradually getting around to is that the particular banner I'm referencing is the Monica Lewinsky one... It made me giggle, which I appreciate beyond measure today. :)
from fadedstarrs :
uhm..The Black Eyed Peas sound just like Justin Timberlake because in "Where Is the Love" Justin Timberlake actually sings in it.
from liquid-mojo :
This is why I watch JLo videos with the volume turned down... ;)
from tuluum :
can't access signmyguestbook right now... just wanted to give you a hug.. so here it is (((((( HUG ))))))
from onesexypollo :
In case it didn't go through in the guestbook, I just wanted to let you know I love reading your diary. Your entry hit home today. My boyfriend does the same thing to me... makes me feel completely CRAZY. I can tell you love him more than anything. You seriously speak words of wisdom, the whole thinking about the future and not the present. You should really be helping others. You would make a great psychologist... you know why? Because you've been there. Well, good luck with everything, hun!
from tandia :
So how cool are your knew quotes? I don't care if you stole it from somebody else, you put your own spin on things. I love mine and want the My So Called Life dvds really bad now. See what you've done? Ebay here I come!
from gbg :
Wheeeeemysocalledlifequote! And yes, it must be pronounced exactly like that, with no space. :-D
from desa :
dudette,its all gonna be cool day, and i knwo that u'll be fine. justdowhat uthink is right.
from emiline220 :
I like your 100 things. We have a lot in common it seems. I was so completely obsessed with the Babysitters club books. I should probably credit Ms. Martin for my love of reading, too.
from just--jenn :
Liz, I found you via Emily (see below), and that's why I added you to my favorites. I've enjoyed reading the few entries I've looked at so far. Good luck with your job search!
from emiline220 :
#1-That was the best note I have ever gotten. #2-You rock, too. #3-I did the long distance thing for a year. It was really hard, but we got through it and now we are happy. I hope you have the same fate. Have a great day. I'll be reading.
from egort :
Thanks Liz, My bf set up my new layout. I told him I wanted something sexy and different.
from back-drifts :
this is a very nice diary you've got here. beautiful layout, beautiful writing...oi! *thumps up* good stuff. cheers.
from egort :
I truly enjoy reading about your day to day life. I can relate. Keep writing.
from okrasalad :
Liz, I really enjoy reading your diary; I read it daily and am very interested in your day-to-day activities/updates. I always care about what my fellow Austinites are up to (you're an Austinite now whether you like it or not). :) I don't remember but have you looked for jobs in journalism? I think you're a great writer.
from dont-stop :
Liz for providing a detailed synopsis of the VMAs.
from banefulvenus :
Clicked on your banner and wanted to let you know that they are doing their job! Your site rocks! Keep writing girl!
from onesexypollo :
Hey Liz! I just wanted to let you know someone read your VMA entries and didn't find them boring! Of course, I also spent the past 3 hours watching the VMAs as well. I love Justin. Why did Good Charlotte win? What is going on? Anyway, just wanted to say hi!
from gabriela83 :
Hey fellow sparkler! You might find some good designers in this page: Hope it helps! Love, Gaby
from lesliesroom :
you HAVE come a long way. you've grown so much in the last year!
from tandia :
A beagle? That's just not fair. I want a beagle but Ally is allergic. What is that cute doggies name?
from groupie94 :
I am a Cat person and normally hate dogs, especially the beagle breed, but OHHHH that new puppy @ Matt's is SO adorable... !!!
from katehackett : reviewed me a while back and really liked my diary, save for the font. I've changed it, if you care to know. :O)
from grey-reviews :
Your review is up at Shades of Grey Reviews. Have a nice day! Here is the URL:
from betterthnu :
You have been reviewed!
from compendious :
Hey Liz, your review is up at Compendious, and good job. (
from like-it-is :
Looking for a review? We're a new review site currently looking for reviewees, so feel free to drop us a line if you want a review :)
from meowth2007 :
from stumblebee :
signmyguestbook pisses me off with the not-so-fast-you-already-signed policy. Anywho, just wanted to say thanks a bunch--I know it would have taken me forever to find it. I'm glad you didn't have to look too far, but I really appreciate it!
from keeds :
the profile is a lie. but you just probably haven't updated it yet.
from crazywicked :
ive just read your diary, and i think its kewl. i read gbg's a lot, and yours was linked in there. mind if i add you as a fav? ~kel
from tandia :
Holy shit no wonder you head was exploding! It's hard to argue with someone who's always saying that you're right. Goodness me. I don't know what to say. I've kind of been expecting him to come crawling back for a while. Oh the drama.
from saiyanstar :
Regarding your spark entry, taking a xtra long time doesn't make you an asshole. Heh, I do it sometimes too. ~Star
from saiyanstar :
Regarding your spark entry, taking a xtra long time doesn't make you an asshole. Heh, I do it sometimes too. ~Star
from tandia :
Careful with the shaving! Use a mirror and make sure you lube up real good.
from loriebug :
hi there! I was your reviewer at yet another and your diary has totally grown on me (if you can't tell from my review), so I'm adding you to my favorites. have a rockin' wednesday!
from it-is :
Thank-you, I think. For the review. I'm pretty sure I should be flattered (mind you I'm not entirely sure...) so thanks. And I know what you're going through, with the whole Matt situation. You're not alone at ALL. Stay strong, okay? Your idea to take the month off and better yourself is really smart. I hope everything works out for you. xoxo.
from tandia :
Well this is pretty
from utter-views :
Hey just stopping by, I wanted to get the word out that we're looking for new reviewers. So far no one has applied :o( And yeah I've signed other places, no luck yet but hey we have a good review site over here & need good reviewers. I'm trying to find some...
from invisibledon :
thanks for visiting
from lilchrissi :
I found you through a gross amount of links and Yay! Here I am. Finally. Anyways, I *heart* your diary. I just HAD to tell you that. *muah* :hugs:
from dialytip :
I am just spreading the word around about my diary dialytip. Now I know that it is suppose to be dailytip but have a laugh then come check it out. Everyday I am putting up great tips, poetry, and stories. If you would like to enter a story or poem or tip that you have email me. So stop what you are doing and come check it out. You might help someone out. :) Add me to your favorites so that you can enjoy everdays tip, poem or story.. :o)
from shoegrrl :
Being an ex-bookstore employee, I have to say, just keep trying. Put in an application at every B&N in town and just keep going back. Oh... and be willing to work for peanuts :-) Seriously, the pay sucks, but it really is great to be around books all the time.
from gbg :
DRIVE BY HUG! ::zooms away::
from xplodingboy :
i read march 26th's was cool...i like your outlook on seem really positive...i wish i had such optimism
from lip :
I was wondering if you were still interested in running the committed ring since you moved. There are a lot of dead diaries on the member list. If you don't want to run it, I would love to. Let me know. Thanks!! :O)
from whynstones :
Hey, welcome to the serendipity ring. Thanks for joining!
from magic-design :
Aww, thanks for the comment about my Valentine layout :)
from sas1981 :
K well the guestbook server is taking forever. So I'll leave you a note instead. I didn't know anyone when I moved to Austin and met all the people I know at various jobs. So I wish the most luck in finding a job! Also, smile and keep your chin up. Boys suck, mine does right this second actually...people suck in general. I know its hard to keep a positive attitude. Live for yourself right now and no one else. Have a blast!
from luminaryssh :
I just realised that no one had left any notes here yet, so I thought I would:)

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