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from asper-gen :
I just filled out your survey as antistar-, and i got inspired to add you to my favourites list because anyone who writes about music is sure to keep me entertained :)
from scarstrucked :
Thanks a lot for that information about manson's lyrics.
from gingerling :
oh, okay. not a monkey. but i can buy your cd...hmmm, how would i do that? and would it be worth my money? (i work at a community college as a temp so as you can imagine i make very little).
from gingerling :
so what exactly is my prize?
from darkflora :
i didn't say you should kill it, I just said it had to be dead. things die all the time of natural causes.
from wench77 :
this is another diary for starzero? oh i am so confused!!! 38? how old are you NOW??
from leonmcphelps :
Thanks for adding me as a favorite. I appreciate it. I will try not to let you down.

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