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from velvetclash :
I miss reading your diary!
from jburnage :
Hey, long time no see. I just checked dland randomly today and found that you had updated over 3 months ago... bah. Anyhow, glad you're alive... or were in late 2008... okay, that's almost a year ago...
from pieridae :
oh my, you're alive and well! just came to lock up this diary since i never use it anymore, and saw your name in red. hello!
from lintpickle :
Goodness, Hello!
from abetterme33 :
where are you writing now?
from raven72d :
do write again! i have missed you!
from studionique :
would be so cool if you were to start blogging again. <a href="http://studionique.diaryland.com/foaf.html">
from imnid :
Hola! oh my, are you back? I am good BTW, and yourself?
from evilangel21 :
Hey! I'm not so bad, you? xx

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