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from piltdownman :
Okay girl. Your turn.
from piltdownman :
Okay, so we won't let the mean reds get us. And I'm not a super-rat. So should I call you Holly or Lulubelle?
from taliana1 :
I'm in the middle of a cold right now, and I'm happy to report that my nose isn't all raw b/c of tissues. My secret--I put on a thin layer of Menthalatum on my nose about every other time I blow my nose. It prevents my nose from getting chapped and the menthol helps try to keep it open. :) I also only use Puffs Plus. Happy New Year!
from piltdownman :
for the nasty nastiness of a cold try Puffs Plus (+). They really are a LOT more gentle on one's nose.Hope you feel better soon. If no one else could, I can smell your cooking from here.
from taliana1 :
i LOVEd Bridge to Terabithia as well--was just tellin my mom that when we watched the preview. I wondered also if they kept true to the story...Also remember Forever...my mom got it for me and i remember being surprised. Just occurred to me that she might have known what it was about and did it on purpose. ;) Also LOVED the Little Princess..and everything by Roald Dahl. Hmm..I'll have to think about this tag. :)
from taliana1 :
I'm glad you are well :)
from jamita :
I would love to read your chapters! I think I fit the bill.. an avid reader and a "stranger". :o)
from taliana1 :
What brought me to where I am today: an ad at yahoo personals with a picture of me wearing a choker necklace in front of Fat Tuesdays. decided on a whim.
from taliana1 :
I would LOVE to read it! taliana1(at) gmail.com *hugS*
from catniptea :
I want to read your story!!! Oh, and I'll be in Boston in April ... would love to finally meet my longtime Diaryland buddy ... (hint)
from taliana1 :
You def. need to write it chica...go for it!!!
from gumphood :
If you need an excuse I'll tell you it sucks, but I know it won't.
from gofigure :
Ugh! Stupid knees! Good luck today, hon. I'll be sending good thoughts your way.
from jamita :
Jeni, I have really enjoyed reading your diary for the past 2 years. I am leaving diaryland, and would love to have you stop by my new blog sometime. www.jamietoadvine.blogspot.com Best of luck! I will continue to follow your journey via diaryland.
from samanthaphi :
Thanks for the note! Yeah, that really sucks about Sandman. Last I heard, the rest of the band had gotten together with a female lead singer. I heard one thing by them, but nothing since. It was just okay. I'll stop by here to see what you're up to as well!
from tvzero :
i'm working round the clock for the next two weeks. i'll post after that. email - tvzero at comcast dot net.
from pastagirl :
Hi! Yeah, I was going to add you when I read the entry but then I somehow forgot. Thanks for the reminder :) Btw, I tried to join your notify list but that didn't really work.

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