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from pixie-led :
Hey there, nice Ink! I figured I would give you the reminder you asked for to read my diary ;) If you scroll back a few entries, and scroll down I have a pic of my full back piece in progress. Wheeeee! Take care and enjoy the new Tatt!
from diosadebaile :
Thought I'd just let you know that your invitation to chat has not gone unnoticed, I'll take you up on it one of these days, but it'll be a while since I'm moving. But I'm glad I've proven myself otherwise.
from diosadebaile :
clarification requested.
from diosadebaile :
"There seems to be a lot of people out there wasting my oxygen" No doubt I would probably be considered one of them, but I experience that basic sentiment every single day.
from sarahbeee :
i guess i was wrong and you're just holding onto me until some great woman sweeps you off of your feet and you forget all about me. thanks.
from quintessenc3 :
Life is one big mindless ramble. You're moody about as complex as a lava lamp. Get over your false notions of self importance and impenetrability. Better yet, seek dark corners and emo. Ha.
from sarahbeee :
you make me happy
from jannut :
not to invade your personal space, but I do believe there are aliens in your shorts please be careful when you walk
from knowles :
from unimark :
you are a tool of epic proportions.
from icontrolyou :
dashboard confessional rules. I love you emo kid!
from icontrolyou :
i read this.. I think I am one of your best friends (atleast I know you are one of mine).. My question: Do people with Mullets honestly believe that they have a GOOD haircut? That is all.. I love you lots and lots.. Top that.
from icontrolyou :
Hi baby. that is all. I love you!

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