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from tygerchild :
Ha! Tell my little MB I say hello, and that the PapaJohn family all says "Merry Christmas" and whatnot. I suck for not having written her at all - hope you guys all have fun this week!
from puddinhead :
Hello my wonderfully funny friend...I'm sad to hear about all of your friends leaving DC (guilty face). Are you still thinking about KY in the long run? Send me an email with an update.
from tygerchild :
Thanks so much for your kind words, Minnie. You should look into a guestbook :) I'm glad that you enjoy my reading so much. Don't fret - the second installment of the story does end on a somewhat upbeat note; I just haven't been able to write it though. It's not what anyone's expecting, either!
from puddinhead :
Hey girl! I'm glad you're on diaryland with me. We can keep up with each other this way. I found a great apartment in W.Palm...I think. They will tell me on Thursday if it's mine. The best part? There is plenty of room for a guest and you can see the pool from my bedroom window! Oh, and it's only 2 blocks from the ocean! Come visit!

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