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from ikss :
psst...where the heck ARE you these days?
from officegal :
good luck on the apartment. it sounds like it totally is kick a$$. and the tile. woo hoo. sounds like fun decorating potential;)
from theshivers :
i think my friend is just looking for "international" women, but if that changes, i will suggest Maine to her...hope your trip is going OK
from theshivers :
stuuuuupppppppppppppid guestbook! Anyway, glad your little pressie arrived in one piece...i am actually listening to it right now! Mmmm, Westerberg...
from ikss :
Damn guestbook is acting up, so here I am...While I very much appreciate the compliment you left in my guestbook, I couldn't help but laugh out loud upon reading it. I mean, at the very least - I couldn't smoke the evil weed if I ran for office! :)
from soapboxdiner :
I left you a lovely GB message. GB ate it. Feh.
from officegal :
sorry bout that. guess i just assume too much. i thought it was u in your layout. waht can i say. im not the brightest rubber ducky in the pond. i fixed it in my favourites though. no worries:0 have great day
from musicchick44 :
i got here from the banner, and may i just say that there is something quite entertaining about that duck?
from what-a-card :
from what-a-card :
Jesus Christ; Initials JC. Johnny Cach; Initials JC. Coincidence? I think not.
from twisted-mind :
Hiya just wanted to welcome you to the mommies diary ring. Thanks for posting the code.

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