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from outer-jessie :
Greetings! I don't know if you read your notes regularly, but I was just flipping back through your entries (your archives link doesn't work for me for some reason) and wanted to give you a belated "You're crazy." That is, with regard to your looks. That is, with regard to your metabolism slowing - you look pretty great! - and skin needing products - your skin is amazing! You may or may not be soliciting advice about this issue anymore, but for what it's worth, I would say if you can avoid using skin care products, you probably should. It seems that the less chemicals you apply on a daily basis, the better in the long run. And if it's not broken, don't fix it, right?
from itsmegagain :
hey thanks for the idea about the t-shirt i might just do that. :D boys are just so hard to buy for!
from krissallae :
holy crap... water birth- brave woman... I'll be taken an epideral when my time comes, lol.
from krissallae :
Happy Travels!
from krissallae :
I don't know if my purdue email is still current. you can email me at
from krissallae :
my most recent entry mentioned starting pen pals with my diaryland "followers" the few that there are, but that is especially extended to you!
from krissallae :
Woohoo... congrats on the job! Hope you're feeling better as well
from krissallae :
Just stoppin by to say hi, and I hope all is well now that the semester is nearing an end. I think I'm getting a litle restless my self-- hope you're feeling better too.
from spudbutter :
Anytime. It felt good to say. :)
from spudbutter :
I haven't dropped a note to you in a loooooong while, but I do keep up with your blog from time to time, and happened to come across your most recent entry. Not to be all pop-psych-guru on you (:), but wishing you were happy is the surest way to guarantee that you won't be. Wishing means that it's not in your power to control, and that's bull. Mark's don't tell you how smart or capable you are, crazy families don't mean that you're insane, and depression doesn't mean that your clinical. Maybe a change is what's needed. I don't know. I've fucked up enough times to know something, but I never actually seem to get it. :) Anyway, I just wanted to try to encourage you a bit, because from what little I've seen of you, it's a waste for you to be have much to offer. 'Nuff said.
from yumenomiko :
wait wait wait- WHO did you want to take to Greece and HOW old is he and WHAT is his mother's major malfunction and WHY are you not just whisking him away?! Get out that metal whisk and get cracking! Option #2: Become great friends with me and invite me to use that 2nd ticket. I'm great company and I've never been to Greece!
from mare-ingenii :
What?! You took the first one but it didn't post? Well, pooh to that! I'd love it if you tried again! And, a very Happy Birthday to you! Enjoy!
from spudbutter :
I agree that you should never get into a relationship with someone based on who you want them to be. It is usually a mistake. They are good enough to love as they are. But as great as that 99% is, never give up on the one. Contentment is a wonderful thing, much sought-after. But even contentment can be taken too far. It can turn to complacency, then to stagnation. And when things are stagnant...but nevermind me...I'm just a doomsayer sometimes. :) It's more important to find what's right with something than what's wrong with it. Donaldson has some sci-fi work, another series, that looks interesting, but I don't know anyone who's read them. I agree that Covenant was a little slow and plodding at times. It seems to reflect the main character. He moves always deliberately, but sometimes slowly, through life. And he never moves with confidence until he knows a place thoroughly. I think the story's pace reflects his pace. Not sure if Donaldson did that on purpose though...wouldn't put it past him...:) Ugh. It's too early for me. I hate 8AM classes, especially when it takes me an hour to get there. But I'm off work today, so I might just take a nap. Ah, siesta!! :) Bye.
from spudbutter :
I'm glad my note helped, even if only a little. However, I wouldn't say that you can't expect him to change. In fact, I would say that it's better to affect change than to allow things to stay the same. I would even venture to say that it is one of the bigger responsibilities in a relationship. Pride may get wounded, but screw pride. But that's just me. I hate it when people I'm in a relationship with don't tell me stuff that I do that they don't like. You hear a lot that communication is the key to a good relationship, but many don't take that far enough. Blah. Enough relationship talk. :) So have you read all of Donaldson's work? I've only read the Covenant series. Is the rest just as good? One of my more rewarding fiction reads...
from spudbutter :
Hey. I found your diary by looking for fellow Thomas Covenant fans. I dig your choices in books and movies. I read only the latest entry in your diary, regarding the state of your life as it pertains to love. I was strangely touched. Recent developments in my own life have led me to some of the places you seem to be. Not to be too intrusive, but I've made Red's mistake, and it cost me the love of my life. If he's like me at all (and I have NO idea if he is :), he loves you more than anything else in the world. But life's responsibilities weigh him down. If he indulges in the thing he wants most, time with you, it may feel like a selfish thing to him. Irresponsible. The rationale of the guys mind, especially the good ones, can be a little backwards sometimes. :) I say this because one of his greatest responsibilities as your 'significant other' (I hate that term), is to YOU. Ok. I'm shutting up now. I should not presume to give out my opinion on a situation with which I am incredibly unfamiliar. However, as I said, your blog entry touched me. Almost like a resonance, an echo of what has passed for me over this last summer. Anyway, I hope my 'introduction' doesn't scare you off. :) I'm always on the lookout for kindred spirits, especially if it involves talking Covenant! :) "Law is not the opposite of Despite." I hope to hear from you. p.s.- Shawshank is, indeed, the best movie ever. :)
from getudown :
i read most of your diary (i hope u don't mind). mostly because i'm sitting at work and god forbid i actually do something productive. and also becasue it became strangely addicting. is it just me, or does it not make sense for weblogs to post the most recent at the top? it kind of forces you to read things backwards in time, which gives me an uneasy feeling in my stomach...
from getudown :
now you have 2 readers!!!
from retro-cheese :
hey there. i didn't design my diary myself because if i did, it'd be a white page and html mistakes everywhere. go to to get a free template, or a custom one. good luck!
from highlandcoo :
hey! I saw your diary in a search and had a wee read. its really cool. It cought my attention cause you live in switzerland and im from there but now live in scotland. also cause you do maths and physics. just thought id leave you a wee message :-D! i hope this makes any sence what soever. lol. but from what i have read you seem quite similar to me and you have a classy diary! I hope all your problems sort themselves out. Lots of love and hugs Jenny xxxx

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