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I work hard, everyday, to earn a spot on your buddy list. Together, we can make a difference. I thank you for your support.



My favorite diaries:

Ms-M    profile - diary
comments:  The "M" is for Mmmmm Mmmmmmm
Beight    profile - diary
comments:  CT in the howse!!!!
Frank    profile - diary
comments:  Her diary is a secret, but I have the key!! Boy are you guys missing some good shit!
Kaffeine    profile - diary
comments:  She's cooler then Soul Train
Pischina    profile - diary
comments:  She RULES!
Rocker-Snarl    profile - diary
comments:  Someone come quick!! This girl needs help!!!
CuppaJoe    profile - diary
comments:  Yes that's right, CuppaJoe. What's your problem?
FadeIn    profile - diary
comments:  I hope he comes and lives with me next.
Jenistar    profile - diary
comments:  "What a nice boy, that Jon" - Jen's gonna' ruin my image.......
TVzero    profile - diary
comments:  My absolute favorite diary.
Nictate    profile - diary
comments:  I dictate Nictate!
Johnpowers    profile - diary
comments:  He's got a name like a superhero! Wow, look at Mr. Superhero!
Guildenstern    profile - diary
comments:  "I would like Other People more if I didn't like myself so much." Thomas rules! I strongly recommend
Troubledteen    profile - diary
comments:  Funny as hell
Twiggle    profile - diary
comments:  Made me layout
MrCadbury    profile - diary
comments:  I'd be a pile of luke warm shit without my Cadbury.
Rubyfuss    profile - diary
comments:  Read this now, you fucking hear me????
Ladeeleroy    profile - diary
comments:  You already read her, I'm sure. If not, you're an asshole.
DiscoTheKid    profile - diary
comments:  He's the rock star around these here parts.
PublicDomain    profile - diary
comments:  Disco's band! A cross between The Monkees and Melrose Place.
Accordingly    profile - diary
comments:  That's "Marked Accordingly" to you, bitch!
Wicked-sezzy    profile - diary
comments:  Net Nanny would probably prohibit you from entering this site.
Chauffi    profile - diary
comments:  The next big thing here at Diaryland. Mark my words, dickface.
Joyfulthing    profile - diary
comments:  You don't deserve Kristin, she's 10 billion times better then you'll ever be!
Jenne1017    profile - diary
comments:  Libras kick ass!
Hapithoughts    profile - diary
comments:  Hapithoughts loves Scanzilla
Scanzilla    profile - diary
comments:  Scanzilla loves Hapithoughts
GJDebates    profile - diary
comments:  Political debates a way only Genghis Jon could bring you.
Porktornado    profile - diary
comments:  I don't think this guy likes me. What's HIS problem?
Saxyjackclar    profile - diary
comments:  Diaryland Survivor 5
UncleBob    profile - diary
comments:  My homie
Meeshapeesha    profile - diary
comments:  Hey look, someone that doesn't suck!
Rickscafe    profile - diary
comments:  Bill Cosby offered him the chocolate Pudding Pop...long story.
Misskubelik    profile - diary
comments:  Surly, but in New Yowk this time
jenistar2    profile - diary
comments:  Jen 2.0

My favorite music:

Jonathan Richman
comments:  Just the coolest songwriter ever. This guy just doesn't give a fuck. ...Not like you!
comments:  Did I ever tell you about the time I met Kim Deal??
Leonard Cohen
Stone Roses
comments:  I've been listening to their first album for like 10 years and I'm still not sick of it.
Daniel Johnston
comments:  One of the greatest song writers ever!

My favorite movies:

My favorite authors:

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