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I am:




I grew up in:


saudi arabia


I studied:

political science

english and comparative literature



I dated:

all kinds

I can:







make pathetic attempts at guitar

be snide


My favorite diaries:

infinityfye    profile - diary
soft-fairy    profile - diary
darthuae    profile - diary
judasgirl    profile - diary
isky    profile - diary
dinahsoar    profile - diary

My favorite music:

The Beatles
comments:  Cliche I know but my mama was such a fan she had Beatles sneakers, these guys raised me
comments:  Chris Martin has my BIRTHDAY and fathered Apple and Moses, how could you not love that?
Nina Simone
comments:  -not a band- her voice makes me melt and question my sexuality
Jack Johnson
comments:  -also not a band- there's something soothing about islanders
comments:  many nostalgic things attack my system in the form of warmth and fuzziness when i listen to Pinkerton

My favorite movies:

The Sound of Music
comments:  (shut up) Apparently I watched it obsessively every morning for 2 months when I was 4
I heart Huckabees
comments:  Beautiful and hilarious
Citizen Kane
comments:  Orson Welles is sexy, and I'm not ashamed to say it
comments:  Kurosawa makes me glad to cry
comments:  this is Amelie's dark counterpart and i love it

My favorite authors:

Roald Dahl
comments:  This man raised me
Milan Kundera
comments:  Can make me laugh and cry without turning the page
William Shakespeare
comments:  Gotta give props to ol Billy from the block (read Stratford-upon-Avon)
Jane Austen
comments:  My transition into classic literature and noni's "gurl"
Simone de Beauvoir
comments:  Her novels are actually very soft, try them

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