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My favorite diaries:

unclebob profile - diary
comments: Wow!
chauffi profile - diary
comments: Very happy to have found this one!
shutupmom profile - diary
comments: Sensitive and very funny.
crazylady profile - diary
comments: No, she's not crazy - she's a new Mom. Congrats!!!!!!!
weetabix profile - diary
comments: I'm not worthy.
piehole profile - diary
comments: My favorite diary. Makes me giggle every day. Sometimes twice a day.
hodgson profile - diary
comments: Woooohoooooo!
ginni profile - diary
comments: Mommarific! Needs a house - can you buy her one? Oh, and a car, too!
rumblelizard profile - diary
comments: One kick-ass punk chiquita
boogabooga profile - diary
comments: Oooooooooo - Excellent!
affablealien profile - diary
comments: Faaaaaabulous layout.
patrickg profile - diary
comments: GREAT writer. Misses smoking (me too!!!) and needs to see a numerologist.
lizardspace profile - diary
comments: Another mom. Fabulous read. Get thee to Lizardspace.
squirrelx profile - diary
comments: Ha, ha, ha, ha, hahaha, ha, haa, haaa, ha, ha, haha, ha, ha......
neko-carre profile - diary
comments: Simply fab.
cuppajoe profile - diary
comments: Oh, wow. This one is twisted in the perfect way.
so-charming profile - diary
comments: "eau de piss from yappity-ass" ha, haaaha, haaaaaahhaaa haha ha!
wyndspirit profile - diary
comments: Brilliant brainiac and a very nice person!! Great diary!!
golfwidow profile - diary
comments: Faaaabuuuuuulouuuuuus!
simply-red profile - diary
comments: She's the REAL deal. Realistic, sarcastic and FUNNY.
chubbychic profile - diary
comments: FANTASTIQUE!
jeffy profile - diary
comments: Oh yeah, this one's a keeper!
discothekid profile - diary
comments: LOADs of fun.
kitty-kaboom profile - diary
comments: Great layout!
momenchance profile - diary
comments: Just discovered her and you should, too. Insomnia SUCKS.
fergie profile - diary
sunnflower profile - diary
luvabeans profile - diary
bindyree profile - diary
comments: Hilarious banner and great diary.
kelsi profile - diary
comments: Clicked the banner and found gold.
coldandgray profile - diary
comments: Oooooooh. Clicked on a banner and found a terrific new read.
smokeybone profile - diary
comments: A treat and a half to read AND he reminds me of me. I hope he updates often!!!!
chickie-legs profile - diary
comments: I want to be just like her when I grow up. One laugh after another!!!!!
juddhole profile - diary
idiot-milk profile - diary
warcrygirl profile - diary
purplecigar profile - diary

My favorite music:

William Orbit
comments: Oh so cool!
Talking Heads
comments: There is no need to comment
The Smiths
comments: Put on something black, light some candles and hide all the knives
Lenny Kravitz
comments: I'd drink his bathwater
comments: Can't get enough

My favorite movies:

Fight Club
comments: Awesome
Henry and June
comments: Sexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxy
Joe Versus the Volcano
comments: It's the best!
comments: It's Bukowski, what can I say
Where the Buffalo Roam
comments: Hunter Thompson strikes again

My favorite authors:

Charles Bukowski
comments: Rough and real
Kurt Vonnegut
comments: Perfection
Hunter Thompson
comments: I want a cigarette holder, too
David Sedaris
comments: Makes me pee
Laurie Notaro
comments: She's FANTASTIC

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