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People who type 'lol' are lying 99% of the time, and I hate liars.

My favorite diaries:

andrew profile - diary
comments: Diaryland's daddy.
ann-frank profile - diary
comments: ann-frank rocks.
arletterocks profile - diary
bathtubmary profile - diary
cuppajoe profile - diary
comments: owner of all that which is beery.
diosadebaile profile - diary
discothekid profile - diary
emiloo profile - diary
epeter2025 profile - diary
evany profile - diary
comments: If I had to play favorites AMONGST my favorites, i'd have to say that evany is one of my favorite favorites.
fatcamp profile - diary
gigantor profile - diary
halee profile - diary
heidiann profile - diary
comments: Makes the Diva Cup her bitch.
ladeeleroy profile - diary
leitinaa-s profile - diary
lobsterchick profile - diary
loriebug profile - diary
luxolive profile - diary
comments: Has a cat named Chewy!
lv2write00 profile - diary
comments: Shares my love of overcapitalization and hyperbole.
porktornado profile - diary
comments: I think "Porktornado" is probably the best diary-name ever invented.
quoted profile - diary
comments: i got quoted!
robin-smith profile - diary
sirawesome profile - diary
smartypants profile - diary
stormyclaude profile - diary
sundry profile - diary
comments: I know this isn't original or anything, but I AM IN LOVE WITH HER DOG.
taydo profile - diary
thecritic profile - diary
throcky profile - diary
troubledteen profile - diary
twelvebeer profile - diary
comments: I have been adopted.
twomothers profile - diary
amblus profile - diary
sarafem profile - diary
monkey-king profile - diary
leebozeebo profile - diary
marn profile - diary
ebm profile - diary
luvabeans profile - diary
i-girl profile - diary
everoboto profile - diary
jonquill profile - diary
radiogurl profile - diary
nermalstight profile - diary
thedailywtf profile - diary
kristintracy profile - diary
facepunch profile - diary
juddhole profile - diary
fadein profile - diary
dooki profile - diary
suenosverde profile - diary
sunshine0221 profile - diary
bellachicana profile - diary
bluenadia6 profile - diary
williamtells profile - diary
thelatteboy profile - diary
schmutzie profile - diary
onewetleg profile - diary
queerfatgirl profile - diary
charles-dee profile - diary

My favorite music:

Tenacious D
comments: Now you're talkin' double team. Supreme!
comments: You're cool. Sorry you went out with Winona Ryder!
comments: Zero 7, Koop, Bebel Gilberto, the Sugarcubes, Postal Service, Death Cab for Cutie, Outkast, THE PIXIES THE PIXIES THE PIXIES
comments: The Gossip, Stevie Wonder, Kahimi Karie, Le Tigre, The Sea and Cake, Keane, Aqualung
comments: 2 Skinnee J's, the B-52's, Pizzicato 5, Marvin Gaye, Dandy Warhols, any kind of crazy Japan-pop, Stephen Malkmus, trashy Euro dancey shit, that song that says over and over "I wanna take you to a gay bar gay bar," Os Mutantes

My favorite movies:

Wet Hot American Summer
comments: also: Baywatch Hawaiian Wedding, AND Dirty Dancing Havana Nights
Pee-Wee's Big Adventure
comments: the movie that can pull me back from the brink. Also: Die Mommie Die, Psycho Beach Party
comments: I would move to Baltimore if I could be sure that I would be able to hang out with John Waters.
Bottle Rocket
comments: And also of course Rushmore and the Royal Tenenbaums. Wes Anderson stuff
The Triplets of Belleville
comments: Also: The Cement Garden, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Y Tu Mama Tambien

My favorite authors:

John Irving
Thomas Pynchon
comments: Margaret Atwood
John Waters
comments: read "Shock Value"
Roald Dahl
comments: Jose Saramago
Augusten Burroughs
comments: Geneen Roth, Borges, Paul Auster, Zadie Smith, Erika Lopez

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