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amusing (hopefully!) musings from a tragically hip (baha!) chick in L.A.

My favorite diaries:

esol    profile - diary
comments:  this beacon of positivity rocks the kasbah in a most humorous way
malice    profile - diary
comments:  a spitfire with a beautiful brain
iota    profile - diary
comments:  she makes me *giggle*
rhetoric    profile - diary
comments:  sweet and soulful
baggage    profile - diary
comments:  a warm-hearted rocker who knows his way around a keyboard
grim    profile - diary
comments:  a scottish charmer
outbox    profile - diary
comments:  sassy, smart and full of soul
pablo    profile - diary
comments:  witty and minty fresh
ascension    profile - diary
comments:  wicked, in a very good way, not to mention lovely inside and out
tvzero    profile - diary
comments:  because he'd whine unless i added him here. he's funny like that. and he's just plain funny.
genghis-jon    profile - diary
comments:  tv zero told me he was a terrific writer and tv zero was right
sxb    profile - diary
comments:  soulful lyrics and a heart the size of milwaukee
twiggle    profile - diary
comments:  a design whiz and super sweet chiquita
rightangle    profile - diary
comments:  if you saw her that day, you would have fallen in love
idiomatic    profile - diary
comments:  instantly likeable chickarino. if you don't agree, i'll sue.
a-d-d-chick    profile - diary
comments:  she's an imp and a champ and sees the world in a wonderful way
bugginyou    profile - diary
comments:  it's no coincidence that this girl serves charm on tap
msdezine    profile - diary
comments:  a charming gal who shares her heart unashamedly
leopardray    profile - diary
comments:  interesting brain waves
fadein    profile - diary
comments:  tv zero's homeboy has a wit that won't quit
xxbelaxx    profile - diary
comments:  a sweetheart who is married to the kenny
thekenny    profile - diary
comments:  a sweetheart who is married to a former ranchhand femme
redniko    profile - diary
comments:  lights the corners of his mind
gingi    profile - diary
comments:  prepared for take-off
achren    profile - diary
comments:  she's looking for one more something
musing    profile - diary
comments:  a wonderful gal and a truly dear pal
dirtnerdluv    profile - diary
comments:  in the mood for quirky
rug    profile - diary
comments:  a sweet read
futurebird    profile - diary
comments:  fly away home
grayarea    profile - diary
comments:  a doll of a girl
andrew    profile - diary
comments:  it's good to be king
youradhere    profile - diary
comments:  yellow flavor crystals
alltherage    profile - diary
comments:  smirky
vencela    profile - diary
comments:  a pretty blur of ideas
paisleypiper    profile - diary
comments:  a very nice brain dwells here
jennyj    profile - diary
comments:  funny is good. so is hot pink.
discodave    profile - diary
comments:  a life less ordinary
recall    profile - diary
comments:  life is what you make it, so she's making it good
megasass    profile - diary
comments:  so sassy, she can make a fish grin
frequencies    profile - diary
comments:  an aspiring gentleman with a mouth on him
broken-glass    profile - diary
comments:  one smart cookie
detective    profile - diary
comments:  one hardboiled dick
lesbianrobot    profile - diary
comments:  sounds like caffe latte
bluerainsoda    profile - diary
comments:  intelligence is helium
gnoll    profile - diary
comments:  back from back in the day. yay!
citizenjane    profile - diary
comments:  no objections, your honor
scrabble747    profile - diary
comments:  tastes like butterscotch

My favorite music:

nick drake
the actual tigers
stevie wonder

My favorite movies:

annie hall
when harry met sally
raising arizona
bottle rocket

My favorite authors:

jane austen
comments:  british and witty and wise
alain de boton
comments:  swiss-born, but british-educated and witty and wise
douglas adams
comments:  british and witty and wise, but don't panic
charles dickens
comments:  british and witty and wise
j.d. salinger
comments:  american and witty and wise

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