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Sundry Mourning : much ado about everything

You know the kind of writing that resonates with you, that is luminous and moving and so...REAL, somehow? My diary is basically nothing like that.



My favorite diaries:

cyanophyta    profile - diary
comments:  (Needless to say, that started a whole chain of Naked Men In Shorts Doing Each Other Porn Style thoughts in my head, which culminated with a guest appearance by the Detroit Pistons, every last one of whom was fucking like a lemming.)
evany    profile - diary
comments:  It wasn't until I put my red Pumas and red corduroy jacket back on that I realized that I was now dressed head to toe in red, like some sort of menstrual super hero.
drowning13    profile - diary
comments:  i sleep and hide high above the earth, decoding martian shortwave broadcasts. i gently peel silver leaves from her stalk, inscribe blueprints for secret landing pads to be constructed down in the orchards.
i-girl    profile - diary
comments:  I refuse to taste cow balls, dog balls, any sort of cooked testicular product. I’m sorry. There are lines that I won’t cross.
ladeeleroy    profile - diary
lizardspace    profile - diary
comments:  And on that note, I’m off to scarf a wheel of good Roquefort with a three-tequila-shot chaser. The fetus will thank me later.
mrs-roboto    profile - diary
comments:  For the record, I am the kind of person who doesn't spray Windex in my eyes, thank you very much.
smartypants    profile - diary
comments:  Also, I have been haunted all day by an image of a duck wearing the intifadah keffiyah Palestinian headscarf thing. An Arafat duck. That can't be helping.
splorch    profile - diary
comments:  "TEN DOLLARSH? I am only worth TEN DOLLARSH? I've been FUCKING you for TEN YEARSH and that'sh all I am WORTH to you?"
thisuser    profile - diary
comments:  Reduce me to lines of vivid color and energies unimaginable. Blow away this shell and layers of self. Flood me with a light that leaves nothing in its wake.
trancejen    profile - diary
comments:  I think I'm ready for some primal scream therapy. I'm going to tie a leopard-print scarf around my waist, climb up on the roof, and spend about an hour screaming, "RAAAAAWR!".
unclebob    profile - diary
comments:  I stood in the middle of the kitchen shouting "Mrs. Fields! Famous Amos! Keebler Elves! You can all eat my ass...for I am COOKIE MAAAAAN!!!"
weetabix    profile - diary
comments:  The world turned upside down and instead of a lovely steaming pillow of goodness, I was now eating essence of pig between two grease sponges and I could taste every bit of disgusting thing that pig ever wallowed in.
discothekid    profile - diary
comments:  However I couldn’t tell if “Yo” was employed to address me in particular or was she craftily working in the Spanish word for “I,” as in, I belong in a fucking straitjacket.
ann-frank    profile - diary
comments:  Forget ricin and anthrax, forget dirty bombs, if you really want corporate America to go APESHIT: cut off the coffee supply.
robin-smith    profile - diary
comments:  (Fucking turd-monkey retard fuck.)

My favorite music:

Juliana Hatfield
comments:  The Pixies
Tom Petty
comments:  Sheryl Crow
Chris Isaak
comments:  The Breeders
Aimee Mann
comments:  Dire Straits
Veruca Salt
comments:  Eminem

My favorite movies:

comments:  Raising Arizona
American Beauty
comments:  Reservoir Dogs
Wild At Heart
comments:  Fargo
True Romance
comments:  GoodFellas
The Thing
comments:  Heat

My favorite authors:

Anne Tyler
comments:  Margaret Atwood
Douglas Coupland
comments:  Chuck Palahniuk
Jane Smiley
comments:  Barbara Kingsolver
Judith Rossner
comments:  Elmore Leonard
Raymond Carver
comments:  Jay McInerney

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