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Suburban Island

Need a suburban strategy? Check in on life in suburbia from a woman's point of view. Kids, job, home equals stress, laughter, and occasional chaos. It goes with the territory for an average female suburbanite just trying to face each day with a smile in this crazy little place she calls Suburban Island. Life in the burbs - its no vacation but this girl will survive.



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comments:  This is my Island of Lost Diaries - old favorites no longer updating
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My favorite music:

Nicole C, Mullen
comments:  Uplifting
Yolanda Adams
comments:  Peaceful
Aretha Franklin
comments:  Gives me strength
Eva Cassidy
comments:  Little girl - Big voice
Natalie Cole
comments:  Makes her daddy proud

My favorite movies:

My Big Fat Greek Wedding
comments:  Got the family thing right
The Muse
comments:  An inspiration
What About Bob?
comments:  Puts our little quirks in perspective
The Christmas Story
comments:  Jean Shepard story is perfect
Bringing Up Baby
comments:  Hepburn and Grant - enough said

My favorite authors:

Helen Fielding
comments:  Laugh insanely while reading
Jane Austen
comments:  She had an eye for the ironies in life
Marian Keyes
comments:  Betcha can't read just one
Sophie Kinsella
comments:  Who doesn't like to shop
Jean Shephard
comments:  Nostalgic but funny - See The Christmas Story

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