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luckiest girl alive. wanna bet?

I have trouble understanding why anyone says I'm hard to get to know. I'll tell anyone anything if they ask, really.

My favorite diaries:

adamexe    profile - diary
comments:  Fists of love.
bubbleviciou    profile - diary
comments:  You don't know anyone else like Jenny.
dianabee    profile - diary
comments:  She teaches me things. Damn smart, this one.
aesthesia    profile - diary
comments:  She who sits around thinking about quantum physics and such.
alora-dream    profile - diary
comments:  How about if you and I talk pretty much every day, huh?
buddhababy    profile - diary
comments:  daveyyy!
tuesdae    profile - diary
comments:  It is a tiny planet we live on, folks. That's all I can say.
davemarr    profile - diary
comments:  my platonic spouse. I'm lucky to have my own guardian angel on earth.
andrue    profile - diary
comments:  How many D'landers have their mom's diary linked? Lucky me.
tollef    profile - diary
comments:  This will direct you to Tollef's diary which you should read because it is from Tollef.
uberdrivel    profile - diary
comments:  Sloanifer. Funny because verb is a noun.
dharmabumgrl    profile - diary
comments:  A real life friend who I actually met on D-land. Who'da thunk?
itsolga    profile - diary
comments:  Olga giggles when she's kissed. That's what I heard.
f-ckwittage    profile - diary
comments:  I don't know why or how but when I read her stuff, this woman is like _right here_.
peganne-love    profile - diary
comments:  Love machine cranked up to 11.
ludicn    profile - diary
comments:  I forgive her for the Papayrus font because her words make it worth it.
meowstarfish    profile - diary
comments:  Delightful writing from a wise wise friend.
perceptions    profile - diary
comments:  OK, so I'm linking Bobby. I think for a different reason than a lot of folks do, though.
lexan    profile - diary
comments:  Fiction is kind of like truth.
lydibug    profile - diary
comments:  I mean, like I don't read Lydia every time she updates or something!
aregularguy    profile - diary
comments:  i forgot, another one I'm reading that I hadn't linked yet
jwinokur    profile - diary
comments:  You really have no idea.
eyebloom    profile - diary
comments:  I haven't updated my profile in a long time...
prophecyboy    profile - diary
comments:  so here are some other folks
ieatsoap    profile - diary
comments:  that I check on often
vpg    profile - diary
comments:  because I'm addicted to online diaries
skot9000    profile - diary
comments:  especially those of people I know and adore

My favorite music:

the posies
comments:  come.to/posies
sigur ros
comments:  pure unadulterated bliss
patty griffin
comments:  you should be liking her too
comments:  because these days I listen to them a lot more than almost anyone else.
comments:  sweet fucking christ, i wish i was ween.

My favorite movies:

comments:  I can't be your friend if you don't go love this movie
NIghtmare Before Christmas
comments:  awww...another love story
Ghost World
comments:  it's all in the details
Pulp Fiction
comments:  I make no apologies really
ever notice
comments:  frequently your favorite movie is really just the last good movie you saw?

My favorite authors:

comments:  I read a lot of books at once. "Language in Thought and Action"..."Fast Food Nation"...and some Calvin and Hobbes

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