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Life as I Know It

I used to think my life was this big crazy whirlwind of misadventures and emotions, but the more I learn about people the more I realize that everyone's life is like that. Everyone has a story or seventeen. Everyone has been up and down and sideways and diagonal and upside down and the only difference from person to person are the specifics.

I'm Becca, and these are my specifics.

My favorite diaries:

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My favorite music:

Mumford & Sons
comments:  I have NEVER felt as connected to a band's music as I do with M&S. <3
The Beatles
comments:  No comments needed, really. They're The Beatles =)
Tim McGraw
comments:  I will forever and always adore Mr. McGraw for being a HUGE star and managing to stay out of the tabloids.
comments:  I know, but in my mind, they will always be the awesome band from my middle school days.
Regina Spektor
comments:  I think if abstract art could be put into music form, it would sound a lot like Regina Spektor's music.

My favorite movies:

The Princess Bride
comments:  All-Time favorite movie. I love everything about it!
Finding Nemo
comments:  Favorite Pixar movie!
comments:  This is one of the few movies that could be considered a scary movie that I love.
Beauty and the Beast
comments:  My all-time favorite old-school Disney movie. <3
Mary Poppins
comments:  The ONLY instance where I have liked a movie more than the book. Thank you, Disney, for bastardizing the hell out of that book.

My favorite authors:

Douglas Adams
comments:  Love the Hitchhiker's Trilogy, Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, and Long Dark Teatime of the Soul...all excellent books!
Dan Brown
comments:  I'll admit, I like reading about conspiracy theories, even if I don't always buy into them. Angels and Demons is my favorite by him so far.
Roald Dahl
comments:  He will always be someone I admire, for having such a grand and colorful imagination.
Louis Sachar
comments:  Probably about 80% of the books I adored as a child were written by him!
comments:  J.K. Rowling, Max Berry, Judy Blume, Shel Silverstein, C.S. Lewis

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