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last calls & first kisses...

Aww... Didja miss me?

Details? You want details? Oh, ok. Here's the quick bit.

I like lists.

I'm 24.

I'm sex positive.

I'm a radical feminist.

I'm a Dianic pagan.

I'm a henna artist.

I'm an unapologetic kinkster.

I'm polyamorous.

I'm queer.

But, above all, I am a girl who knows what she wants.

And thank your lucky stars if what I want happens to be you.



My favorite diaries:

justjake    profile - diary
comments:  my boy toy ;)
quoted    profile - diary
comments:  It's ALIVE!
sockwrinkle    profile - diary
comments:  my texas girls
jerseygrrl    profile - diary
comments:  the sexiest ex-catholicschoolgirl that ever there was, and she's a crime scene investigator, and she's smart. hella smart.
comfortfood    profile - diary
comments:  "Today, I came to the tap root. The tap root is not my bitch."
eatpaste    profile - diary
comments:  one day, she and i will be in the same place at the same time.
oblivia    profile - diary
comments:  queer poly kinkster- gotta love that. plus, she has a fetish for ME!
royfly    profile - diary
comments:  put down the lotion and step away from the computer.
ladeeleroy    profile - diary
comments:  she reminds me of one of my exgirlfriends, in the best way possible, i swear. read the one about the CHiPs glasses.
bevin    profile - diary
comments:  The good witch of the North.
miguelito    profile - diary
comments:  the evilest genius that ever there was.
whip-smart    profile - diary
comments:  whip me.
andrew    profile - diary
comments:  the king of us all.
badsnake    profile - diary
comments:  go take a peek, you know you wanna...
eon    profile - diary
comments:  "Like an owl with a ketamine addiction, I am nocturnal, bitter and continually troubled by mice."
anenigma    profile - diary
comments:  i just can't not read her. i've tried, really. it doesn't work.
livingtg    profile - diary
comments:  my first and favorite houseboi ;)
heidiann    profile - diary
comments:  cute with a conscience!
weetabix    profile - diary
comments:  My sister in O.P.I.
haptotrope    profile - diary
comments:  kinks, queers, & art
rykaryka    profile - diary
comments:  my God! Those cheeckbones! That TALENT! 'Tis enough to make a girl swoon.
spunkygypsy    profile - diary
comments:  I'm totally going to make out with you right after I finish this drink.
ayden    profile - diary
comments:  I've been promised a boot licking.
smartypants    profile - diary
comments:  Sisyphus with an all-arachnid cast
mehiel    profile - diary
cinxxx    profile - diary
comments:  ;)

My favorite music:

lucinda williams
ani difranco
melissa ferrick
tori amos
norah jones

My favorite movies:

go fish

My favorite authors:

pat califia / patrick califia-rice
Sarah Waters
Neil Gaiman
Gregory Maguire

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