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Jade's Life

oh, don't you wish your name was jade? yeah...me too. unfortunately, my name is al. if you want to read this, do it up. if you don't, i won't beat you viciously with a stick. i promise.

My favorite diaries:

no1wakefan21    profile - diary
comments:  allieoopa #2
ariapunk    profile - diary
comments:  the best friend a girl could ever have
andrew    profile - diary
comments:  you funny guy, you.
seasparkle01    profile - diary

My favorite music:

jupiter dynamica
comments:  that's my boy! he even wrote a beautiful song for me(c: jupiterdynamica.com
nelly furtado
comments:  her music has tons of energy
the postal service
comments:  great spirit, great lyrics, great music.
ella fitzgerald
comments:  she ruled.
danny elfman
comments:  i've got "What's This?" stuck in my head, from Nightmare Before Christmas

My favorite movies:

strictly ballroom
comments:  i cry at the end every time, without fail. it's just so inspirational!
i, robot
comments:  some critics said it wasn't thought-provoking. i disagree. totally fun to watch, too.
28 days later
comments:  this movie will freak.you.out.
princess mononoke
comments:  so much more than i expected
comments:  new favorite!!!!!

My favorite authors:

dean koontz
comments:  false memory
michael crichton
comments:  timeline
jean m auel
comments:  clan of the cave bear rocks
jk rowling
comments:  yeah, i know, she's on everyone else's list, too, hehe
robin casarjian
comments:  forgiveness: a bold choice for a peaceful heart

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