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Just the adventures of a 38 year-old, divorced, single mom, working a full-time job and trying to get through parenthood. I even try to fit a little romance in once in a while.



My favorite diaries:

bluedoor    profile - diary
comments:  Have you ever read a really good book and wished it never ended? You wanted to know what happened to that amazing heroin after she overcame all obstacles and rode off with her knight? This is the place to find out. This is one beautiful woman
gofigure    profile - diary
comments:  My hero in parenthood, family, loyalty and work ethic.
pischina    profile - diary
comments:  We should have a club. Membership would require that you be from San Jose, are divorced with 2 kids and spent 10 years of your life with a big fat jerk!
anenigma    profile - diary
comments:  The spokeswoman for uninhibited women everywhere!
itsmylife    profile - diary
comments:  So soft, sweet and straightforward. You just want to squeeeeeeze her.
justagal    profile - diary
comments:  One of my very first daily diary reads. Another in the "I was married to an idiot" club.
ncss    profile - diary
bonkrood    profile - diary
cerebrate    profile - diary
cambio    profile - diary
comments:  Lanie was married to a jerk/idiot too. But that's not what makes her interesting. She's a facinating person all on her own. She'd be even more facinating if she'd update. Or at least quit deleting what she writes. Pffffft.
blondeness    profile - diary
blondefox    profile - diary
thecrankyone    profile - diary
madamefromag    profile - diary
marywa    profile - diary
vicunja    profile - diary
miss-chief    profile - diary
daisyblue    profile - diary
erlenweg6    profile - diary
iwanttotell    profile - diary
sillyme00    profile - diary
readersguide    profile - diary
soapboxdiner    profile - diary
dreamer5190    profile - diary
beautifulmes    profile - diary
xenaish    profile - diary
enitsirk    profile - diary
trishtastic    profile - diary
soccer-mom-    profile - diary
manthyj    profile - diary
arealwoman    profile - diary
acornotravez    profile - diary
myexodus    profile - diary
captainron    profile - diary
fluttrbykiss    profile - diary
kutekids2    profile - diary
adulterous-k    profile - diary
puzzlepiece    profile - diary
comments:  Courtknee's back. Back again. Courtknee's back. Tell a friend.uuuuuuu
tapestries    profile - diary
flytofantasy    profile - diary
jim515    profile - diary
comments:  Now that you can see who's online at the same time as you, I saw this guy. Oddly, he's been here all along and he's not a teenager. I haven't added anyone to my buddy list in over 2 years so what the hell!

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Ken Follett
John Irving
Kurt Vonnegut
Amy Tan
Bill Bryson

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