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It has absolutely NOTHING to do this journal.

My favorite diaries:

AzimelQuiz profile - diary
comments: My quiz archives. Those poor people who used to visit me just for my quizzes
dreamyautumn profile - diary
comments: Honest, real, sweet, and often funny. Sweety-pie momma who shouldn't worry as much as she does.
feileacan profile - diary
comments: *Hugs* I found you again! It's like a giant game of hide and go seek! It's one of my favoritest peoples online ever!
genghis-jon profile - diary
comments: Incredibly fasinating... and only a little intimidating.
gothique profile - diary
comments: NARF!!!
Halee profile - diary
comments: Used to be one of my favorite reads but now has retired from D-land.
Piehole profile - diary
comments: My favorite-est Shrimp Pimp in the world who owns an ugly dish towel and is always being hit on by the gay guys.
pgn-mystique profile - diary
comments: Because she makes sure I'm still alive and stuff.
Quoted profile - diary
comments: Brilliant. You feel like you need to be enlightened, you go to older entries, you click a random entry and read the quotes. I wish someday I were quoted, but there is very little I say that's that worthwhile
sarkasmo profile - diary
comments: See my favorite entries. Plus, she loves glow-in-the-dark things. Me too.
sionainne profile - diary
comments: I believe I have bounced with the dear through six journals. XD
Tiki-Reviews profile - diary
comments: The Place where I once reviewed. Has since been closed down.
Tyd profile - diary
comments: Let's face it: a diary called "It's a Yodelling Donkey Thing?" Props there
UncleBob profile - diary
comments: Why'd it take me so long to find this diary??? WHY?!?!? Go read now, unless comedy scares you.
unclaimed profile - diary
comments: Just... the coolest f'n guy on the planet.
cosmiccow profile - diary
comments: I less than three her.

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