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Az mad as a hatter

I know Evil Edna in person and I'ant afraid of her no more. (^O^) :)



My favorite diaries:

Damodred    profile - diary
comments:  Reminds me when I read her diary that I an't that bad.
Evil-Edna    profile - diary
comments:  Because she knows where I live.
Yoshi-c    profile - diary
comments:  This should have been here ages ago SORRY
lil-kender    profile - diary
comments:  A dragonlance fan. What more can I say.
yhaffy    profile - diary
comments:  Erm not sure what to write about this one (^-^)
greenmind    profile - diary
comments:  I liked the link to Dragon Lance hummor (^0^)
darkfairy13    profile - diary
comments:  A fan of Ranma 1/2 amongst other manga
raziela    profile - diary
comments:  Made me a favourite. I went to raziela diary and went WOW nice layout.
jackyboy    profile - diary
comments:  Made me a favourite. I am still trying to figure out why ?
ittybittycat    profile - diary
comments:  I like the layout and the http://ittybittycat.diaryland.com/040315_24.html entry

My favorite music:

comments:  Here's their web site link http://www.tenaciousd.com/

My favorite movies:

My favorite authors:

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