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Badsnake Loosed

A 40yo Southern lesbian in a polyamorous relationship basks in a life so good you'll probably hate her guts. Topics of interest include BDSM, what was for dinner last night, date reports and laundry casualties, helpful butch household hints, porn critiques, scenes from public transportation, chores in chaps, news from the 'hood and hilarious neighbor antics, and Real World Polyamory (inside Rancho Lesbiano).

My favorite diaries:

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comments:  The only man in Diaryland whose dick is bigger than mine.
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comments:  I would marry Marn if she were free and if Deb wouldn't mind.
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comments:  The parallels are just eerie.
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comments:  Living fully and thoughtfully in wide-open spaces.
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comments:  The only poet I've ever really liked.
augustdreams    profile - diary
comments:  Best MST3Ked spam ever. And cute.
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comments:  An incredibly generous spirit and a poly shoulder to cry on.
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comments:  Kickass recipes and rants from my fabulous sweetie. You asked for it, you got it.
weetabix    profile - diary
comments:  Our friend in Green Bay. I would be flirting seriously with Weet if Esteban didn't mind.
justjake    profile - diary
comments:  The boss of us.
anat    profile - diary
comments:  If you can't fuck 'em, carpool with 'em.
ladeeleroy    profile - diary
comments:  Always surprises and amazes me.
allisonhazen    profile - diary
comments:  Found thanks to Mechaieh

My favorite music:

Happy Texas soundtrack
Rickie Lee Jones
Annie Lennox
Alison Krauss
Dixie Chicks

My favorite movies:

Drop Dead Gorgeous
Twelfth Night
Sean of the Dead

My favorite authors:

Suzanne Brockmann
Laurell K. Hamilton
Zora Neale Hurston
Susie Bright
John Preston

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