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Lover of: music, concerts, broadway musicals, oprah's book club, "chick-lit", summertime, the beach, old navy, yankee candles, the color yellow, weight watchers, pictures, ER, good sleeps, and lots lots more.

My favorite diaries:

dano    profile - diary
comments:  "Almost as if on cue, when the band begins "True Reflections," the light show in the heavens picks up along with that on stage..."
sheblogs    profile - diary
comments:  Lis! Lis! Lissy! I just love this girl and her beautiful words.
perceptions    profile - diary
comments:  "Under all these shooting stars without any wishes, i really, really worry that at any moment i'll sit up in bed at home..."
epiphany    profile - diary
comments:  A courageous, young, music loving, teacher that lost a whole bunch of weight. I greatly admire this guy!
rdhdprincess    profile - diary
comments:  weight loss
littlebub    profile - diary
comments:  weight loss
gonzostar    profile - diary
comments:  weight loss
fat-to-thin    profile - diary
comments:  weight loss
amysloss    profile - diary
comments:  weight loss
dough-boy    profile - diary
comments:  weight loss
sarahsundae    profile - diary
comments:  weight loss
manyfires    profile - diary
comments:  weight loss
dietingjenn    profile - diary
comments:  weight loss
diet-riot    profile - diary
comments:  weight loss, VERY much like me!
crashintome    profile - diary
littlemummy    profile - diary
whatawoman    profile - diary
libbyo    profile - diary
biensoul    profile - diary
absolutgal82    profile - diary
waxpatriotic    profile - diary
olei    profile - diary
fifty-four    profile - diary
erlenweg6    profile - diary
itsmylife    profile - diary
lip    profile - diary
brkfstfnys    profile - diary
stumblebee    profile - diary
lobotomybabe    profile - diary
chubbychic    profile - diary
say-good-bi    profile - diary
alicewonders    profile - diary
pischina    profile - diary
upcountry    profile - diary
rockmytoesox    profile - diary
merelymere    profile - diary
montage4life    profile - diary
zzzz    profile - diary
sfn7    profile - diary

My favorite music:

Dave Matthews Band
Barenaked Ladies
Counting Crows
Dixie Chicks
comments:  David Gray, Dashboard Confessional, *Britney Spears*, Leona Naess, Matt Nathanson

My favorite movies:

I Am Sam
Rat Race
10 Things I Hate About You
Cruel Intentions
Leally Blonde
comments:  Billy Madison, A League of Their Own, Life Is Beautiful, The Virgin Suicides , Clueless - silly girly movies

My favorite authors:

Judy Blume
comments:  Summer Sisters, Wifey, Smart Women, Forever
Jane Green
comments:  Jemima J, Mr.Maybe, Bookends, Straight Talking, Babyville
David Pelzer
comments:  A Child Called It, The Lost Boy, A Man Named Dave
Wally Lamb
comments:  She's Come Undone
Nicholas Sparks
comments:  The Notebook, Message In A Bottle, The Guardian, The Rescue, A Bend In The Road, A Walk to Remember, The Wedding

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