I am leaving

I leave it all to you.

My favorite diaries:

bluperspex profile - diary
comments: "I want to see you. . outside of your family ... no longer living in your mother's house." ... & when You are ready to be, * I see you here, with me *
nyar profile - diary
comments: I am touched by the honesty. . . !

My favorite music:

Pink Floyd
comments: * DSOTM * & the PF 'back catalogue' poster simplified my life immensely.
Jimi hendrix
comments: . . what I got?
John McLaughin
comments: Amazing
Oldschool Hip-hop
comments: Sometimes I rhyme slow sometimes I rhyme quick. .

My favorite movies:

Pulp Fiction
comments: I am a Tarantino fan
comments: Tattoo: Permanent (Important) Memory (I have 4 right now)
A Clockwork Orange [2001;ASO]
comments: lubbilubbin, & i'm a Kubrick fanatic (Patton, Full Metal Jacket. . but I haven't seen Barry Lyndon yet!)
Mulholland Drive
comments: I love my location even if I would prefer to live (a later date, decades in the future) on Lake Washington in the Northwest. Now smog!
comments: Proper Fucked

My favorite authors:

Christopher Alexander
comments: The Nature of Order irrevocably convinced me that i can live
Roger Penrose
comments: the Road to Reality
Hunter S. Thompson
comments: Who will write this generation's Great American Novel ?
comments: American Psycho & Less Than Zero
Siddhartma Gautama
comments: Life = Suffering (aka Pain)

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