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Beyond Panic

I began keeping a journal in the 6th grade after I read "Harriet the Spy" and the sequel "The Long Secret". I followed my family members around the house, documenting the daily comings and goings in a totally dysfunctional family. I have boxes of marble copybooks and fancy-schmancy "journals" in my closet.

I've suffered from panic attacks (yes, the therapist figured out they came from all of the dysfunction) my whole life and within the last year, I "discovered" a great therapist and a great medication. I thought I didn't need the therapist anymore, but times changed and we're meeting on Thursday nights again. I continue on the meds that make me feel "normal"!

My favorite diaries:

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My favorite music:

My favorite movies:

The Four Seasons
comments:  I just love Carol Burnett and Alan Alda in this
Same Time Next Year
comments:  Alan Alda again! Oh, if only we could!
comments:  Fell in love with Richard Harris and how beautiful was Vanessa Redgrave in that fur coat?
Funny Girl
comments:  Don't Rain on my Parade
Funny Farm
comments:  Love the mailman!

My favorite authors:

Pearl Buck
Jan Karon
Alice Hoffman
Stephen King
J.K. Rowling

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