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a bipolar chick's trips to north and south

one minute i love life, the next i think what the hell i'm doing here. if you have time, fill out the survey.

My favorite diaries:

untame-able    profile - diary
pthm    profile - diary
is-this-me    profile - diary
sponge22bob    profile - diary
neon7c    profile - diary
comments:  "makeup, hair products, meds...all those things that make me pretty"
ms-ashlynn    profile - diary
sampsman    profile - diary
comments:  "and why can't we all just go back to the good ol' days when Ronald Regan was president and communism was evil and cartoons were only on Saturday mornings"
emogrrrl    profile - diary
comments:  she is a character out af a douglas coupland book
bacon-bits    profile - diary
kimyadawson    profile - diary
comments:  "the grass is always greener inside my head " and, " i will choose you first when we pick teams"
parallellamb    profile - diary
dharmaqueen    profile - diary
glowcircuit    profile - diary
myxsecret    profile - diary
teen-mother    profile - diary
straysparrow    profile - diary
crazeedevil    profile - diary
xbabygrrlx    profile - diary
jinx1    profile - diary
redniko    profile - diary
comments:  "Great. Now you're making me sound like a whiny, uneducated liberal peacenik when all I really want to do is not care."
proofok    profile - diary
osiana    profile - diary
lefaive    profile - diary
comments:  all these places changing french fries on their menus to freedom fries, because, you know, if you change the names of things, they are no longer those things
plaguegirl    profile - diary
brer-rappit    profile - diary
comments:  i'm not afraid of his patch. sometimes, it's the only place where i feel safe
influence    profile - diary
soulsista998    profile - diary
raven72d    profile - diary
amy-poetica    profile - diary
daisypainter    profile - diary
lilchrissi    profile - diary
comments:  yea ,,,,
bobsquared69    profile - diary
comments:  i like the political views and is also related to an author - cool!
omegarising    profile - diary
tropicalmist    profile - diary
comments:  poetic
lady-brett    profile - diary
comments:  you are fortunate enough to be everywhere a mind can go, then land safely home
sam    profile - diary
minyoo    profile - diary
comments:  right up my alley
helderheid    profile - diary
comments:  another Kucinich Fan who knows that words CAN speak the truth!!

My favorite music:

white stripes
comments:  you fell down, of course. then you got up, of course; and started over
comments:  lighting cigars in electric chairs / pretty girl, milking a cow
jon spencer blues explosion
comments:  i do not play no blues! i play ... a rock n roll
comments:  ok, computer. ok, you do know everything - and bless you for the noam chomsky quote
tragically hip
comments:  older stuff: i don't know what to believe, sometimes i even forget. and if it's a lie, then terroists made me say it.

My favorite movies:

comments:  1st film i was ever impressed by tom cruise. fave characters are the blond girl, the woman who is caring for the dying man, tom cruise and the quiz show boy. i am all of them ( i think especially the coke girl but i never used coke - just pot). i cried
comments:  my dad was in nam. i blame that war for stealing the goodness out of my father. you have to see this film. it ain't all glory, my boys
vanilla sky
comments:  the best dream i ever saw awake
bowling for columbine
comments:  the most important film of our time
simple men
comments:  best dialouge ever. if i was a boy it would be about me and my brother. "is your dad a murderer? no, he's a baseball player"

My favorite authors:

hunter thompson
comments:  he really knows what's goin' on: you will be flogged for being right, and flogged for being wrong, and it hurts both ways. but it doesn't hurt as much when you know you are right.
sylvia plath
comments:   and emily dickenson, too
dalton trumbo
comments:  read Johnny Got His Gun before it gets banned
tom robbins
comments:  if you want to understand the mid-east conflict AND get a hard-on at the same time, read Skinny Legs and All and get a front-row seat for the dance of the 7 veils.
douglas coupland
comments:  microserfs and of course Gen X

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