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Nothing Left But Blood And Fire

This site is about me and my life. It contains graphic depictions of , love, lies, life, cutting, depression, general and/or specific events that pertain to me and the people in and out of my life. If you are a part of my life and you don't like what's written here, are too immature to handle it, intend on bitching about how I feel or what I say then go someplace else. Perhaps your time would be better spent playing with yourself or learning a foreign language.

This is not going to be pretty. It's a chronical of my daily life in the most brutally honest way I know how to put it. I don't write for you or your entertainment. I write for me so I can flesh out the muddled tickertape parade that is my brain. Either I write or I cut. It's as simple as that. I prefer to write, wouldn't you?

If you're still interested then move along. . .



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My favorite music:

Ani DiFranco
K's Choice
Indigo Girls
Melissa Etheridge
Bruce Springsteen

My favorite movies:

Girl Interrupted
Harry Potter
Lion King

My favorite authors:

Anne Rice
Christopher Rice
Hugh Prather
Piers Anthony
Charles Bukowski

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