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I moved back to TX in July and started a new diary elsewhere. if you wanna know, email me at blueavenue@diaryland.com.

I said goodbye to NYC in July after 3 years of heaven/hell (depending on the day), and now i am hardcore pouting.

<insert moving quotation here.>

i have a love-hate relationship with myself. i think that has something or other to do with the fact that i'm a something rising? a libra? i can't remember, really. but yeah.



My favorite diaries:

dcdemocrat    profile - diary
comments:  yay! the 1st person on d-Land i know in real life! one of my bestest friends (and sororitay sista--heh); we've known each other about 5 years and were apparently separated at birth.
stateofcool    profile - diary
comments:  spankin' new joint diary of me and H: "Exclusive State of Cool and Clever People."
dietsoda9    profile - diary
comments:  bestfriendk is back in action thanks to yours truly. read her; she can really crack a person up.
soverycherry    profile - diary
comments:  "Jessica Simpson sucks and she should just let poor Nick have his dog already. Huskies rule! Small dogs suck! I hate her." she says so many freaking hilarious things, there's a better quote in there somewhere, but you should definitely read
muppet23    profile - diary
comments:  sweet AND hilarious. and a great, sincere and poetic writer. i loves me some muppet!
thunderstorm    profile - diary
comments:  "San Francisco is one of the three designated Bad Weather Zones(tm) in California, but once in a while the gods roll back the fog and the clouds to make sure that the tourists are still going to San Francisco, and by chance we had picked such a day.
scud    profile - diary
comments:  scudly.com (p3 from girls-suck, which has also moved to a new domain: girls-suck.net) check it, yo!
clarity25    profile - diary
comments:  says a lot of things that seem like revelations to me that i've just never thought of. very interesting person, very interesting life.
saru-san    profile - diary
comments:  incredibly creative and witty. a kick-ass combination, no? and he lives in my hometown. and leaves the funniest comments evah. EVAH!
bonypony    profile - diary
comments:  fascinating and funny. has led a very interesting, if tough life. and loves music as much (if not more) than I do!
betchy    profile - diary
comments:  very amusing. amusing and heartwarming, and gosh darn if everything doesn't seem better in an English accent. the sweetest d-lander i've met so far.
superkc    profile - diary
comments:  extremely witty. and she knows who linda eder is. !!
elabee    profile - diary
comments:  "I totally bit it on a patch of black ice yesterday. I was unloading stuff from my car parked on the hill and did the I'm falling dance with expletive accompaniment." well put! =)
jonquill    profile - diary
comments:  "To hear her tell it, just looking at the front windows of one of these saucy establishments would guarantee that you’d be mailing Christ his birthday cards, cause you sure as shit weren’t going to see him." great writing.
jumblygiant    profile - diary
comments:  "Her last day was Wednesday. I cried in the elevator for about four seconds and then forced myself to stop being such a fucking dumbass." people as sweet and giving as her astound me. where did she COME from?!
bellachicana    profile - diary
comments:  fellow mexicana, and a genuinely sweet person! not to mention freaking GORgeous.
protoplast    profile - diary
comments:  "Caffeine is better than any drug I've ever done. What if I started free-basing caffeine? Can that be done? Injectable caffeine. There must be a market for that."
bohemianlife    profile - diary
comments:  irishblueyes new domain. "In truth my pain, your pain is all a result of someone else's pain, and someone else's pain before that."
madamepierce    profile - diary
comments:  "I know I've said it before, but Wheat Thins are my GIRLS. What is it about them? I'm not sure. Maybe it's the wheaty taste, or the snappy crunch, or the small size that makes one think, 'hey, this is an entertaining morsel.
themark    profile - diary
comments:  look! i finally added you!
ooberfaerie    profile - diary
comments:  "Was and still am, partially, a sucker/people pleaser/person who can't say no." those words could've been out of MY mouth.
rws0006    profile - diary
comments:  "There is simply not a better song than 'Send in the Clowns.' I defy anyone to tell me a better one." reading his diary is like being inside his mind, thought by thought. interesting.
s0crates    profile - diary
comments:  the lovely L, a friend of ours; "I seriously have no IDEA how he puts up with me, or why, because if I say so as myself, I'm quite the catch, but if I say so as someone else, I'm SO at the bottom of the barrel it isn't even funny."
lumenatrix    profile - diary
comments:  lume's really cool, we have a lot of the same thoughts from time to time, and she works in the theater, which i can't help but love her for.
marianakeyes    profile - diary
comments:  a fellow texan/new yorker. whee! she writes some of the WITTIEST things. i swear.
mathero    profile - diary
goldieknox03    profile - diary
a-stronaut    profile - diary
comments:  aw man. i just love her. she's so stinking cute, too. and by cute i mean gorgeous.
hedgehoggy    profile - diary
comments:  oh boy oh boy oh boy! i love my hedgie. yes i do.
smartepants    profile - diary
sosuga    profile - diary
clashluver    profile - diary
comments:  just incredibly wise (and interesting for that matter) beyond her years.
evildilara    profile - diary
comments:  locked
sheisdancing    profile - diary
comments:  amazingly creative and sweet beyond comprehension.
plopphizz    profile - diary
comments:  thank God he's back. ploppity-plop-plopster! the things this man thinks of! i swear. there's no other mind quite like plop's. i mean that in a good way. =)
dieselengine    profile - diary
comments:  locked but fabulous.
mommylap    profile - diary
comments:  yay! finally someone who shares my obsession/love for musicals.
curlye    profile - diary
comments:  another real life friend! yay!
woeknowsbest    profile - diary
comments:  locked.

My favorite music:

Damien Rice
comments:  i'm in love. sigh.
Gavin Degraw
comments:  my newest obsession, especially after i saw him live. oh dear. cute, funny, AND that voice? this is very bad.
Joseph Arthur
comments:  "Honey and the Moon."
Manu Chao
comments:  Two words: "Bongo Bong."
comments:  Jeff Buckley; Rooney; Rufus Wainwright; Ben Folds Five; Jane Monheit; The Eagles; Billy Joel; The Beach Boys; Mazzy Star; Spoon; Pedro the Lion; Death Cab For Cutie

My favorite movies:

A Time to Kill
comments:  Has a message AND Matthew McConaughey.
Empire of the Sun
comments:  Christian Bale's 1st major film. He was about 12 yrs old and remarkable. Really.
Radio Flyer
comments:  Excellent, and it has Elijah Wood. (also excellent)
All the Real Girls
comments:  One of the best movies I've seen in a long time.
You've Got Mail
comments:  Never gets old. It's good for the soul or when I'm sick. And "The Puppy Song" rules. Seriously.

My favorite authors:

Anne Lamott
comments:  Why did I not happen upon her writing sooner? I do not know. But I am in love.
Irving Stone
comments:  The Agony and the Ecstasy is the best book I have ever read. And I have read a lot of books.
John Crowley
comments:  Little, Big. I've tried to describe it to numerous people, but I just can't, except to say that it's "magical."
comments:  A Moveable Feast.
Adam Davies
comments:  The Frog King; the first book I bought after moving to NYC.

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