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come on in...pull up a chair...just don't make yourself too comfortable

when i was young i began to draw an invisible boundary between myself and other people...no matter who i was dealing with, i maintained a set distance, carefully monitoring the person's attitude so that they wouldn't get any closer...i didn't easily swallow what other people told me...my only passions were books and music...as you might guess, i led a lonely life....

haruki murakami - "sputnik sweetheart"

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My favorite music:

tori amos
comments:  what can i say....i somehow think she is the antithesis of everything i'm not...but i'm a diehard fan...i have such a filial attachment to my first concert in '92
jeff buckley
comments:  sings with such longing that it causes my inner soul to burst forth in tears
jack johnson
comments:  folk music to warm the heart and soul...just like oatmeal only without the stickiness
led zeppelin
comments:  i would soo have been a groupie...but instead i'm just going to live vicariously through robert plant's leather pants
comments:  i'm soo grunge...have you not seen my wardrobe

My favorite movies:

absolutely fabulous
comments:  there is much to say about good british comedy
donnie darko
comments:  what can i say...i'm a philosophy major...and this movie haunts me...
the simpsons
comments:  i rarely go a day without watching an episode...too bad i'm more like homer than any one else...
comments:  i feel like i live my life in episodes only slightly longer than in the movie...
the dangerous lives of altar boys
comments:  because i also have dark secrets...

My favorite authors:

franz kafka
comments:  the sheer stunning beauty and depression that flows from the confusion...it causes me to live
vladimir nabokov
comments:  no one has come as close to perfect
sylvia plath
comments:  theres just something there....
haruki murakami
comments:  i find solace in longing...
bret easton ellis
comments:  everybody needs a little gore in their lives

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