Things are different when you are a Mother

I became a Mother 2 days before my 18th birthday, its not easy being a Mother, let alone a teenage Mother, my advice to all you teenage mother wannabe's is to wait, I only wish I'd taken that same advice that was given to me....There is not a chance in the world that you will look back and say I regret NOT BECOMING a teen mother, no chance whatsoever

My favorite diaries:

orgnzdanrchy profile - diary
comments: darling where are you
babicharmz profile - diary
comments: she never updates here anymore, i love you tara
dreamindiva profile - diary
comments: :P HAHAH I love love my M
lukeysmama profile - diary
comments: found her somewhere, and added her cos my birthday is the 17th of March same as her cute lil boy as well, hehe how cute
i-love-sex profile - diary
comments: needless to say, i can relate
rdhdprincess profile - diary
comments: I cant wait till Ella Bella comes to love with her, what a wonderful thing!
imnotblind profile - diary
comments: Ali, never updates anymore :(
prostituee profile - diary
comments: LMFAO I have never ever seen any one so honest about having a smelly cunt
just-fine profile - diary
comments: claire writes beautifully, I love reading her diary, i wish I could hug her
sicktrick profile - diary
comments: this is the sadest thing i ever read, her husband was killed by a drunk driver and she took her own life, needless to say its not updated anymore
thinwishes profile - diary
comments: She directed my to FlyLady, :O) Gotta love her for that!
motherofian profile - diary
comments: i dreamt about her, i didn't know her, but I now Iove her :)
alicesbaby profile - diary
comments: Having a bouncing baby boy! i cant wait!
aprylart profile - diary
comments: Good Luck with the baby making :O) Im sending you all the pregnant vibes I can summon from the depths of my soul
skinnyboney profile - diary
comments: :O) the prettiest tiniest girl i know
pregornot profile - diary
smartepants profile - diary
comments: mammoth erection? i sure do wonder how you found that....
sparklyn profile - diary
comments: I'm sorry i was such a moron :O( Please forgive me............
pixeltrashed profile - diary
comments: I love you Stacey!
idowutido4me profile - diary
comments: another young mummy
ababystory profile - diary
comments: anpthoner young mummy.... there are lots here at d-land!
kimmeh18 profile - diary
comments: another young soon to be mummy, an aussie too!
sorry-excuse profile - diary
comments: you take care of yourself honey
solitus profile - diary
comments: BOO!
pandionna profile - diary
jessnlilster profile - diary
comments: my real life best friend jessie, and her beautiful rugrat Lily
prgat14query profile - diary
comments: girly we need to talk
zombee profile - diary
prettyxwaste profile - diary
comments: She has a baby boy whos about the same age as Leeara :O)

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