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nightingales and dreamsongs

all things that go bump in the night -- i bite, claw and ingest.

My favorite diaries:

bunnyfoofoo    profile - diary
comments:  if only she were chocolate
redaxe    profile - diary
comments:  my inspiration and my get away
thesaurus    profile - diary
comments:  un-typic-a-saurus
chezfrancois    profile - diary
comments:  embrace your inner grasshopper
tfs-fx    profile - diary
comments:  hold on to those handlebars
might    profile - diary
comments:  you never know what she has in her pockets
meganlala    profile - diary
comments:  monster prey
caterwaul    profile - diary
comments:  cut away tow lines - out to sea
illiac    profile - diary
comments:  berty strung out on the rocks
wintermute2    profile - diary
comments:  one of the benefits
idlechic    profile - diary
comments:  deeper down and underneath
slaked    profile - diary
comments:  over drinks, the best conversation ever
cherrygirl    profile - diary
comments:  randomly found...but closely kept
greenshirt    profile - diary
comments:  snuggling down into a feather comforter's warmth
prosandcons    profile - diary
comments:  translation of the soul
teclo    profile - diary
comments:  here's a cutie, yes
gunhead    profile - diary
comments:  respect goes out
by-proxy    profile - diary
comments:  self-help for helpers?
andrew    profile - diary
comments:  our lord and master
neighborhood    profile - diary
comments:  new sneaky sneaky
digitalwank    profile - diary
comments:  he's packin something, thats for sure
austerity    profile - diary
comments:  ouch. better than indian food
sexisviolent    profile - diary
comments:  my alter ego
squinch    profile - diary
comments:  within walking distance
bebelua    profile - diary
comments:  might recommended, booty approved
iota    profile - diary
comments:  can you spell cute with a sharp and dangerous k?
malice    profile - diary
comments:  one of the grrls
ozmodiar    profile - diary
comments:  breathe in, breathe out - repeat.
novembre    profile - diary
comments:  another friscogrrl from mighty might
katherinhand    profile - diary
comments:  might passed me a fellow friscian
porktornado    profile - diary
comments:  a little burning sin in a dark and dreary day
babyhead    profile - diary
comments:  missed and missed - missed no more
grownups    profile - diary
comments:  time for a little more salt in the stew

My favorite music:

tori amos
comments:  chickens get a taste of your meat, yes...
collide / claire voyant
comments:  nummy musical fun *twist*twitch*twinge*
comments:  another one of my grrls...
bjork / sugar cubes
comments:  ...and when it lands, will my eyes be closed, or open?
comments:  ministry, nitzer ebb, neubauten, skinny puppy, tkk, velvet underground/acid christ, kmfdm, vnv, *wank*wank*wah*wah* i can name drop anything i like, and it all sucks.

My favorite movies:

jacobs ladder
comments:  rivits me so... almost as much as in the mouth of madness
fight club and american psycho
comments:  violent and damn good, thats all
always/english patient
comments:  a little cheezy, but they make me cry, 'nuff said.
evildead movies
comments:  gimmie some sugar baby...want some? i got plenty [insert maniacal laughter here]
dead ringers/cronenburg
comments:  not only jeremy irons, but cronenburg as well...*grin* mmm...

My favorite authors:

rikki ducornet
comments:  inspires me to write again... inspires fun dreams as well...
edward gorey
comments:  sketch, sketch, sketch
lemony snicket
comments:  prettyoogyoddfun
franz kafka
comments:  he wrote more than just the fucking metamorhposis, you know
philip k. dick
comments:  mind candy (i am also entrhalled by fun/bizarre silly horror stuffs)

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