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Blue Opal

I used to be known as Radiogurl, but chose to be reincarnated here after a moment of abject Darwinism on the other page.

My favorite diaries:

hissandtell    profile - diary
comments:  Oz's answer to Her Majesty
poolagirl    profile - diary
comments:  Pie-rat extraordinaire
ship-jumper    profile - diary
comments:  Extraordinary individual and walking miracle
her-story    profile - diary
comments:  She of more talent and power than she knows
cosmic    profile - diary
comments:  Wordsmith and beauty wrapped up in one, new digs, same crazy!
selfbiased    profile - diary
comments:  Co-conspirator and intelligence personified
wench77    profile - diary
comments:  Complex, talented, lovely person who just wants someone to share her life.
chaosdaily    profile - diary
comments:  The hardest worker in the midwest
fairygodmum    profile - diary
comments:  The wish grantor who deserves a few wishes of her own to come true
gwtw    profile - diary
comments:  Because I can
sunnflower    profile - diary
comments:  Middle America personified in a real supermom: one who admits she can't do it all
acaldwell    profile - diary
comments:  Individualistic, funny and occasionally profane - but loves his kids and his cat
dangerspouse    profile - diary
comments:  I was his first on Diaryland, or nearly so
starlight42    profile - diary
comments:  I've read through her wedding and new mommyhood. Wonder what's next?
bluemeany    profile - diary
comments:  Back overseas. Want the REAL story of Iraq? The female US soldier's perspective
d-manz    profile - diary
comments:  NZ personified in a husband and father and self-professed king of the world
luciab    profile - diary
comments:  Archives-R-Us. Into calligraphy and more - we've got lots in common!
prolifique    profile - diary
comments:  Just. Damned. Beautiful.
h2ophobic    profile - diary
comments:  Payroll wizard with a wild tilt to her world
skibigsky    profile - diary
comments:  She skis. She's funny and athletic. And did I mention she skis?
bluesleepy    profile - diary
comments:  A war bride, waiting for a hubby who's out on maneuvers
gopheroo    profile - diary
comments:  Mommy-to-be again, and very sweet lady
thirdeye7601    profile - diary
comments:  Another mommy-to-be. I hope it's not contagious!!!
joiedv    profile - diary
comments:  New discovery - but I'm getting there.
augustdreams    profile - diary
comments:  She loves birds, dogs and has a wicked wit. What's not to love?
tuckandsophi    profile - diary
comments:  These canine crusaders are the Raiders of the Lost Peanut Butter!
sunstarr    profile - diary
comments:  New discovery, sis of bluesleepy. I'm gettin' there!
wildrosie    profile - diary
comments:  God, some days I'd forget my brain... if I had one. Fellow conspirator and traveler.
oldbrit    profile - diary
comments:  Cosmicrayola's other half, who had BETTER be updating now we've committed him here, bwahaha!
capn-poo    profile - diary
comments:  I love y'all but there are some things I don't share.
nilliem    profile - diary
comments:  Dang. I forgot again. My bad
dezines    profile - diary
comments:  My test site for Diaryland designs. Nothing special in terms of entries, just strictly designs!
eitherorboth    profile - diary
comments:  Friend's private diary
mahvalicious    profile - diary
comments:  Tryin' to catch up with everybody here....
smedindy    profile - diary
comments:  Somebody hijacked my buddy list. Dunno how he got kicked off but he's baaaaack.
nicim    profile - diary
comments:  She's baaaaaaack!
beauty4ashs    profile - diary
hcatty    profile - diary
comments:  I cannot believe I left her out here. It was NOT intentional!!!
lilpinkhouse    profile - diary
comments:  Let's try this again. Old friend, new name
casa-rosie    profile - diary
comments:  If you're privileged to know the story, you KNOW this one's a hot spot, heheh.
theratqueen    profile - diary
comments:  I am woefully woeful for not having added her a long time ago!!!
cocoabean    profile - diary
comments:  New name, new life, new adventure, old friend. Looking forward to her move up in the world!
thearchivist    profile - diary
comments:  Still alive... or is he?
maliger    profile - diary
comments:  A poetry muse unbound, loosed in a flurry of brightly hued words
biggershoes    profile - diary
comments:  The clown shoes cometh
chickenfist    profile - diary
comments:  Old friend, new page!

My favorite music:

comments:  She has a voice that's haunting and lovely, and downright ethereal at times.
Crosby Stills Nash & Young
comments:  The definition of classic: a band whose music still resonates forty years after it was recorded.

My favorite movies:

Mrs. Winterborne
comments:  Cheesy? Of course. But it's got Brendan Frasier and Ricki Lake and Shirley MacLaine. Any questions?
The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
comments:  Okay, three movies is somewhat cheating. SFX are extraordinary but the performers breathed the life into Tolkein's pages beautifully.
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
comments:  While the theme of talking to aliens with music is sort of lame, the principle of the government hiding extraterrestrial contact birthed the X-Files. And Dreyfuss is just terrific.

My favorite authors:

comments:  Sci Fi. Heinlein. 'Nuff said.
Robert Ludlum
comments:  What Heinlein is to sci-fi, Ludlum is to political potboilers. He is simply the best.
Stephen R Donaldson
comments:  For building richness and texture into fantasy, he is unmatched by any author.

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