eet ees zee boonee moonkee!

just a girl with a diary, man, that's all

My favorite diaries:

dougstewart profile - diary
comments: I (heart) dooglas
doug profile - diary
comments: see above
pancakeland profile - diary
comments: pancakes, yum!
eustilly profile - diary
comments: if I were a man, I'd marry her
anniewaits profile - diary
comments: so smart, so funny, so true
burninglilac profile - diary
comments: my long-lost
tsarina profile - diary
comments: buns!
aloka profile - diary
comments: be sucked in, you'll like it
devilish- profile - diary
comments: just added so I can remember to read it when I have more time
lizardnuts profile - diary
comments: another store-here-to-read-more-later, but from the several entries I saw already, this is good stuff. good. stuff.
devintowers profile - diary
comments: we are in lust
andrew profile - diary
comments: constable whiskers extraordinaire
lilacsecret profile - diary
comments: no, I'm not telling!
krazypenguin profile - diary
comments: yes, the drawings. nastily, you should do this.
porktornado profile - diary
comments: hey, it's one of the diaryland top 100 -- I can't fight The Man!

My favorite music:

jeff buckley
bob dylan
tori amos
cowboy mouth

My favorite movies:

evil dead 2
ball of fire
die hard

My favorite authors:

sherri tepper
orson scott card
tim o'brien
ed hirsch
carolyn forche

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