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Diary of a Theatrefreak

The almost-everyday life of a chemist/geek/theatrefreak. Sometimes interesting, sometimes not. Come and find out...

Don't you just hate it when people don't write comments about their favourites? Haha!



My favorite diaries:

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My favorite music:

comments:  Drinking by the lighthouse...
comments:  My shoulder still burns... (awww, it was our first dance...)
comments:  She screams, and her voice is straining...
Tragically Hip
comments:  The last goal he ever scored...
Loreena McKennitt
comments:  He said she has a lovely face...

My favorite movies:

City Slickers
comments:  Yes, really. I love this movie.
Lord of the Rings
comments:  All of 'em.
The Red Violin
comments:  Whoa! Amazing stuff.
Harry Potter
comments:  So what if it's kid stuff. I like it.
comments:  Julie Taymor is a frickin' genius, folks.

My favorite authors:

Ann-Marie MacDonald
comments:  Canadian author, this is some amazing shit!!
Tad Williams
comments:  Great fantasy stuff...check out the Otherland series for sure.
Minette Walters
comments:  Good old-fashioned murder mysteries, but slightly darker...
Guy Gavriel Kay
comments:  A Canadian fantasy writer.
Charles de Lint
comments:  A recent discovery of mine, another Canadian fantasy writer. Check out "Forests of the Heart"...very cool!

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