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diary of a dead nazi

Isa rabbit. Isa fanfic writer, lost child, writer of other things, and dead nazi talmud scholar extraordinare. Love me.

My favorite diaries:

quiara    profile - diary
comments:  snuglaura.
manon    profile - diary
comments:  hugsabby.
ghanima    profile - diary
comments:  Illia, fair maid of Hellas and Abroad.
figments    profile - diary
comments:  all of laura's little ones in a box.
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comments:  damn you, boys.
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comments:  shhh.
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comments:  E. Cori, and Rabs write stuff ;) With Others.
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comments:  Echo. I just fell in love with this here.
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comments:  a brainchild of beltane birth.
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comments:  Manon-the-ineffable writes.
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comments:  beautiful. Is it terrible of me that I absolutely adore her Monteparnasse?
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comments:  bring on the original.
lochinvar    profile - diary
comments:  for those who have come Out Of The West.
partouse    profile - diary
comments:  Three cheers for slashy 'Ferres. Rene Viven just... Approves of hers.
mllecathy    profile - diary
comments:  an alias for slashy goodness.
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comments:  Echo subdivides in frightening glory.
wasps-nest    profile - diary
comments:  aiii.
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comments:  Slash, by slack-ears.
sheherezade    profile - diary
comments:  Ilia spins songs intermittently to the little sister, and for her life.
Sood    profile - diary
comments:  Progressively better and better poetry. Like.
antinous    profile - diary
comments:  wild, man. Petra and Cathy tickle my fancy.
Erato    profile - diary
comments:  "I told him I would follow him to the end of the world. The end of the world is the Venice of the North. "
tou-mou    profile - diary
comments:  The first name that greeted me when I looked here was Lochinvar, and I have it on good authority that she's fond of Alices and Jabberwocks. So she wins.
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comments:  Another Iliaproject of the Glory.
Tambourin    profile - diary
comments:  billets doux.
montparnasse    profile - diary
comments:  we'll always have paris.
ficciones    profile - diary
comments:  Ilia writes more, beautifully, for-ever and all-ways.
teanlemons    profile - diary
comments:  Spark, snap, and yeah.
dwell    profile - diary
comments:  building birdhouses in your soul since now.
greytanit    profile - diary
comments:  muses for sybils.
egress    profile - diary
comments:  different like me.
bootprints    profile - diary
comments:  Marching across the land in perfectly lovely locked step.
ladyofsnow    profile - diary
comments:  Cold as a witch's hymen, and well worth the breaking.
peleides    profile - diary
comments:  Volcanic eruptions on the fifteenth of the butterfly month.
literatim    profile - diary
comments:  Somebody.
ceecue    profile - diary
comments:  heh.

My favorite music:

comments:  "take me tonight to the river and wash my illusions away.
comments:  Bliss.
The Beatles
comments:  made me what i am today.
comments:  'Carried Away'.
comments:  and: Sting, Queen, the zombies, Edie Brikell and the new bohemians, the Doors, Various Musicals, Tracy Chapman, John Mellencamp, Bobby Darrin, the Boss, Jefferson Starship, Basia, Patti Smith, Tori Amos, Ani Di Franco, Ricki Lee Jones, and lots more!

My favorite movies:

Being There
comments:  Love Peter Sellers.
comments:  Love Peter Lorre.
Rear Window
comments:  And Grace Kelly is the most gorgeous woman in the world.
Fight Club
comments:  One of my best friends /is/ Tyler Durden.
To Wong Foo...
comments:  eep. Also: Suicide Kings, Legend, Tank Girl.

My favorite authors:

Umberto Eco
comments:  Focault's Pendulum is the greatest book ever written. Period, end.
GK Chesterton
comments:  The Man Who Was Thursday comes from God. Thassall.
WH Auden
comments:  Who wrote my favorite poem, "The Witnesses" though Sylvia Plath is my favorite poet.
Victor Hugo
comments:  Les Mis is to blame. for everything.
Milorad Pavic
comments:  Just cause Dictonary of the Khazars will never get enough credit. Grr, room. Also: Karen Elizabeth Gordon, Sylvia Plath, Niel Gaimin, Robert Graves, Oscar Wilde, Vladimir Nabokov, Leo Tolstoy, Italo Calvino, Kurt Vonnegut, and Jorge Luis Borges.

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