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Just call me crazy...er...Tracy

My favorite diaries:

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comments:  Not a buddy, just a bonehead. He is the third world country of humor; primitive, weak and starving for attention. For 50 cents a day he might go away, please...give all you can.
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comments:  fat bastard that has everyone snowed, except me....

My favorite music:

comments:  You just know there is some rage bubbling beneath the surface of that sweet voice!
Sarah McLachlan
comments:  I can usually relate to Sarah's "Crisis Du Jour"..
comments:  I like shit music. Everyone gets on here and pretends to be cool with their choices. Bullshit! You listen to Kelly Clarkson just like I do!
comments:  Shirley Manson is cool...and she can kick your ass.

My favorite movies:

comments:  Every one of us has lovable qualities...except maybe, me.
The Count of Monte Cristo
comments:  Some people just need justice. I can relate.
Happy Gilmore
comments:  Who could resist a fist-fight with Bob Barker?
Shallow Hal
comments:  Better Off Dead, Real Genius, Sixteen Candles, Breakfast Club
Tommy Boy
comments:  Just plain funny, that movie. "Fat guy in a little coat!"

My favorite authors:

Ernest Hemingway
comments:  What a man!
Alexandre Dumas
comments:  Count of Monte Cristo is still THE classic. Betrayal and revenge...just what I want to read.
J.K Rowling
comments:  End the torture now please!
comments:   What an imagination that guy had...and a whole lot of free time.

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