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Cuntfeel: She's Sweeping the Nation


My favorite diaries:

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applebutter    profile - diary
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My favorite music:

Bitch and Animal
comments:  I left glitter on your lips, you said that we could look forward to it.
Jeff Buckley
comments:  He doesn't have a cunt, but I swear that his voice does.
Le Tigre
comments:  They are the badass feminist punk rock cunt salvation. Hallelujah.
comments:  The way her voice comes in, like water over your ears.
The Blow
comments:  Do you feel those hands? They're not mine. It's fine.

My favorite movies:

comments:  For cultivating the little joys.
Harold and Maude
comments:  Oatstraw tea and ginger pie.
comments:  We are Big Fun.
Sugar High, Glitter City
comments:  Sugar-covered dyke porn.

My favorite authors:

Alix Olson
comments:  She loves the cunt. It's our cuntry.
Inga Muscio
comments:  Because really, Cunt IS a kick ass book.
Mary Daly
comments:  Leaping, soaring, spinning. A Magical Hag with Massive Cuntpower.
Marge Piercy
comments:  For her utopias that aren't.
Donna Haraway
comments:  She herself is strange and unusual.

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