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Dancing Brave

My favorite diaries:

dano    profile - diary
comments:  "Imagine, if you will, John Madden wrapped in the sheets, the perfect picture of a postcoital Jabba the Hut, as he rolls over to the edge of the bed, picks up the pen, and starts diagramming the insertion of the diaphragm on the TV."
misterzero    profile - diary
sidewaysrain    profile - diary
morganzola    profile - diary
comments:  I like to hit the bars by nine at the latest, because I need a place to sit. And Iwant to by home by midnight, because I have to go to bed then. You want to make something of it? You want to come over and say that to my face, whippersnapper?
alicewonders    profile - diary
brkfstfnys    profile - diary
comments:  "Because I am the QUEEN bargain shopper. Or maybe the princess, or duchess, or lady-in-waiting, because while I get some hot deals, I don't go tosample sales and claw out other skinny bitches' hair. That's a little too hardcore for me.
weetabix    profile - diary
blofeld    profile - diary
comments:  I shot my dignity between the eyes, dragged it to your doorstep, and threw it at your feet as a token of my friendship and you'll call me in a few days? Do you work for my ex? Lean down, I want to check your scalp for three little sixes
pkers    profile - diary
slippin-m    profile - diary
biensoul    profile - diary
ikss    profile - diary
fadein    profile - diary
sock-girlie    profile - diary
tvzero    profile - diary
dangerspouse    profile - diary
radiogurl    profile - diary
accentjunkie    profile - diary
luckystott    profile - diary

My favorite music:

Tragically Hip
Susan Tedeschi
comments:  Hers is the voice I wish I had.
The Smiths
The Gourds
comments:  Their bluegrass rendition of the Dr Dre classic "Gin and Juice" is amazing

My favorite movies:

comments:  Ha.
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
Being John Malkovich
comments:  Adaptation was pretty brilliant, too.
North By Northwest
When Harry Met Sally
comments:  And also Rudy, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Blazing Saddles, and anything by Hitchcock, but there are only five spaces here...

My favorite authors:

John Irving
David Sedaris
Bill Bryson
Nora Roberts
comments:  Nothing beats a good smut novel. What? Stop looking at me like that.
comments:  His dictionary... wow, I'm getting choked just thinking about it. What a vocab. And the way he uses words in sample sentences... Is it getting hot in here?

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