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dinah soars!

I am not a teenager.

I am a therapist.

No, really.

All Content Copyright 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 by Cassandra Jones Adams. All Rights Reserved.

My favorite diaries:

toastcrumbs    profile - diary
comments:  my gateway drug into Diaryland
mcearstix    profile - diary
comments:  fragile, cynical, full of awe and raw emotion
sweetresent    profile - diary
comments:  lucid reflections stunningly written
fightn4life    profile - diary
comments:  evocative, mesmerizing
myremains    profile - diary
comments:  sad and real and real sad
breathe-salt    profile - diary
comments:  hauntingly lucent
corposant    profile - diary
comments:  startling & evocative! a true poet's soul!
atwowaydream    profile - diary
comments:  stunning alchemical mix of transcendence & potty-mouth!
bethshort    profile - diary
comments:  haunting
swallowthkey    profile - diary
comments:  painfully translucent
januarysnow    profile - diary
comments:  poignant, compelling
raven72d    profile - diary
comments:  funny, ironic, poignant
stardumb    profile - diary
comments:  startling, evocative, poetic, poignant
bliss-sad    profile - diary
comments:  like reading someone wonderful's mind
all-you-see    profile - diary
comments:  sharp little punches of wisdom
stepfordtart    profile - diary
comments:  hilarious & wise & such a git!
moodswing    profile - diary
comments:  funny, smart & sad
intothinair    profile - diary
comments:  a beautiful soul
inimitable    profile - diary
comments:  heartbreakingly lovely, stunning imagery
tragicskies    profile - diary
comments:  beautiful and illuminating
retro-cat    profile - diary
comments:  boldly real
the-grey-one    profile - diary
comments:  amazing writer! I am reeling from this first exposure!
omfggwtf    profile - diary
comments:  searingly honest! heart on sleeve, well written
avantbedroc    profile - diary
comments:  no profile! click on diary! arresting, brave!
i-lost-sarah    profile - diary
comments:  she's never heard of me, yet reads my mind
lobo21    profile - diary
comments:  like finding a lovely leaf, beautifully etched by life
sassymcgee    profile - diary
comments:  Opinionated and charming all at the same time
theways    profile - diary
comments:  nostaligic as a rainy day with crayons
andwebreathe    profile - diary
comments:  beautifully written, personal & insightful
overtaken    profile - diary
comments:  stunning, nostalgic, poignant, literate, lovely
defaults    profile - diary
comments:  literate, brave, heartbreakingly authentic
moonbeamed    profile - diary
comments:  poetic & insightful
idontpretend    profile - diary
comments:  deep, sensitive & poetic guy is NOT an oxymoron!
adarkshadow    profile - diary
comments:  literate, insightful
orderwine    profile - diary
comments:  evanescent chameleon, stunning poetry, has a heart AND a soul!

My favorite music:

guns & roses
comments:  one year I was Axl Rose for Halloween
Cat Stevens
comments:  my favorite singer on the "no fly" list
Fleetwood Mac
comments:  You could be my Silver Spring
The Cure
comments:  love song is my favorite love song
Sinead O'Connor
comments:  love the Celtic stuff & her Theology CD is very moving!

My favorite movies:

comments:  the most amazing movie I ever saw! Bizarrely redemptive!
Buffallo 66
comments:  my childhood (but you would have to read between all the lines to know why
Down by Law
comments:  it is a sad and beautiful world. Quirkily profound, profoundly quirky
comments:  shows the horror of tyranny and war without showing it
The Notebook
comments:  love does conquer all

My favorite authors:

Sue Monk Kidd
comments:  The Mermaid Chair was luminous! Secret Life of Bees was awe inspiring
John Irving
comments:  A Prayer for Own Meany is life-transforming!
The Brontes
comments:  Charlotte's Jane Eyre is amazing & what about Emily's Wuthering Heights?
Wilke Collins
comments:  The Woman in White is haunting!
Simone Weil
comments:  your mind will hurt, but it's worth it!

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