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i am a patient boy

My favorite diaries:

buttsalad    profile - diary
comments:  Pam rules from Chicago to Detroit
ida-red    profile - diary
comments:  Ida-red will rock you!
meli    profile - diary
comments:  oh canada
luminescent    profile - diary
comments:  the kids are allright
margaretyang    profile - diary
comments:  coldrocking the hushpuppies
isra    profile - diary
comments:  for the first time in my life i order crab ragoon and then i stumble on isra's diary the next day and he busts me on it!
casperwoo    profile - diary
comments:  can i be as cool as casperwoo someday? what? NO? sigh, that's what i thought.
luku    profile - diary
comments:  luku skywalker and head Indi-Dale Dancer. yeah ladies, get out yer money...
fdsa    profile - diary
comments:  dreams of Frito Pie
schoolie    profile - diary
comments:  schooling
stereogirl    profile - diary
comments:  Likes Sloan, Sylvia Plath and even Laurie Colwin
demoderby    profile - diary
peth    profile - diary
comments:  lemony
mrwillowby    profile - diary
comments:  excellent bee
surly    profile - diary
comments:  DJ Surly has excellent pop sense.
sam    profile - diary
comments:  nuns breast
nictate    profile - diary
comments:  nice shoes lady...
brkfstfnys    profile - diary
comments:  quotes xander.
applejack    profile - diary
comments:  woooo!
not-a-finger    profile - diary
comments:  dangerous like a circus.
asteroidbelt    profile - diary
comments:  scooters!
cptninternet    profile - diary
comments:  destroys me
beulahbondo    profile - diary
comments:  a profuse sweater
kittybukkake    profile - diary
comments:  not what i googled for, dammit...
keepthinking    profile - diary
comments:  i wish he would get a damn haircut
salmondriver    profile - diary

My favorite music:

comments:  Destroyer is what's on my iPod all day long.
comments:  Foxtrot Yankee Hotel is so good and I'll buy a non-bootleg copy when it's out, I promise!
the Beatings
comments:  the Beatings are like all my favorite "college rock" bands from the 1980's 1990's all rolled up into one band. FLaming Lips,LeTigre, the Shins, Basement Jaxx, Lucinda Williams, White Stripes, Califone, Stealth Lesbians
comments:  can't stop listening to BOB
Yo La Tengo
comments:   yo la tengo, yo. Delgados, Looper, Lambchop, Seam, Belle and Sebastian, Big Star, the Replacements

My favorite movies:

comments:  the best movie ever. wait, maybe Roadhouse is the best movie ever.
In the Mood for Love
comments:  the best movie ever
Chung King Express
comments:  the best movie ever
comments:  that movie where a guy's head gets cut off and they put it in a jar of jam. you know!
comments:  a perfect movie?

My favorite authors:

haruki murakami
comments:  yes please.Gabriel Garcia Marquez.
vikram chandra
comments:  his collection of short stories were incredible. and kelly llink.
David Sedaris
comments:  and David Rakoff is brilliant.
Richard Russo
comments:  da shit, as the kids in the ny times book section like to say
David Foster Wallace
comments:  He's the smartest and funniest kid on the block. It's a little daunting but Infinite Jest : A Novel is so worth the time.

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