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the winter sun is her halo

I don't like the Grateful Dead OR drugs, but I have to say, "What a long, strange trip it's been." However, I do admire the Dead for having enough common sense not to play at Altamont.



My favorite diaries:

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comments:  SSSHHH... this diary is LOCKED!
fan4    profile - diary
comments:  how is YOUR inner child?
joeparadox    profile - diary
comments:  responsible for the Clinique diaryring
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comments:  nightmares diaryring
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comments:  Onion diaryring... the onion is good shit
sarahsundae    profile - diary
comments:  bipolar girls unite!
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comments:  therapy diaryring... hey, I have therapy today!
sparkle280    profile - diary
comments:  I was really excited about the carliebruccia diaryring... so why won't its tag show up in m diary?
fallenorra    profile - diary
comments:  anti-pill diaryring. Me, it gives me headaches.
hamiltonian    profile - diary
comments:  nonviolence diaryring, which also won't show up in my diary.
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comments:  another locked diary
scratchvinyl    profile - diary
comments:  says so much in so few words
simplyjulia    profile - diary
comments:  we are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful what we pretend to be
ofenchant    profile - diary
comments:  AWESOME diary... I love the way she writes and the despair she writes about... I'd like to meet her
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comments:  she's back!
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navysenior    profile - diary
comments:  he only smokes 3 cigs a day... that doesn't count
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My favorite music:

comments:  I have a crush on Courtney Love circa 1994
the Fakes
comments:  I'm getting over worshipping Kathleen Hanna
Tori Amos
comments:  she's into Mary Magdalene... need I say more?
Smashing Pumpkins
comments:  for Kevin and James, RIP, and Jimi Hendrix and the Rolling Stones for James
comments:  also Diamanda Galas: some of her stuff is reeeeally good, but some I don't care for. Also, the Fugees.

My favorite movies:

Sally Mann
comments:  these are photographers, not movies, BTW
Diane Arbus
comments:  you know, The Twins?
Nan Goldin
comments:  The Ballad of Sexual Dependency
Francesca Woodman
comments:  she was amazingly talented, went to RISD (where I went for awhile), and killed herself at the age of twenty-two
Cindy Sherman
comments:  you know, Film Stills

My favorite authors:

Pema Chodron
comments:  "When Things Fall Apart" changed my life... for awhile. And Margot Livesey, Naomi Wolf, and Margaret Atwood, too.
Paul McComas
comments:  go buy "Unplugged" and read it now. Also Dorothy Parker "...this living, this living, this living/ was never a project of mine..." And JD Salinger too
Zilpha Keatley Snyder
comments:  "The Witches of Worm," which I read when I was eleven, shaped my existence thereafter
Susanna Kaysen
comments:  "Girl, Interrupted" convinced me I should go crazy. Then she published a book about having problems with sex at the same time that I was having problems with sex!
Sylvia Plath
comments:  her poetry is like lightning needles piercing your flesh... and "The Bell Jar" hits a little too close to home

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