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take another shot, let it burn in your chest

Hey there sleepy smile

I see you've brought your bedroom eyes...



My favorite diaries:

warmleftover    profile - diary
comments:  mmmm good...in a bad way, which is good. =)
iamsorry    profile - diary
comments:  "isnt that what you expect? i can sing you to sleep. and all you want from me is a broken heart" -saves the day
unsentletter    profile - diary
comments:  everything you'll never know
indie-snob    profile - diary
comments:  concert junkie + intelligent reviews
ldybug1113    profile - diary
comments:  does shots of cold medicine, for real.
emofrizzball    profile - diary
comments:  coolest 15 year old ive come across
saladwhore    profile - diary
comments:  sarcasm and salad
unfaerietale    profile - diary
comments:  4am poetry
proofrok    profile - diary
comments:  im hooked...
mattmagus    profile - diary
comments:  and if they knew? i wonder what the difference would be
loudly    profile - diary
comments:  "she goes above and beyond her call of duty, she is a slut but her ex thinks its sexy, sex reminds her of eating spaghetti, i am wasted but im ready" -ben kweller
porn    profile - diary
comments:  stream of consciousness
a-pink-lady    profile - diary
comments:  something strangely familiar about all of this.
xxemptyxx    profile - diary
comments:  new found interest...and appreciates a good dashboard lyric.
cateldragon    profile - diary
comments:  cant find a reason not too, good stuff
banefulvenus    profile - diary
comments:  keeps you entertained with frequent writing...thats entertaining
charlie-nox    profile - diary
comments:  "rules were meant for breaking"
clocks    profile - diary
comments:  pulls you in
bundychick    profile - diary
comments:  two shots of rum please
skarekrow    profile - diary
comments:  all about boondock saints
nycboy77    profile - diary
comments:  ny does have some effect huh?
slimshady316    profile - diary
comments:  dont leave just yet
slow-down    profile - diary
comments:  was infinite, now here. and a great read. im glad you're still writing.
neangel    profile - diary
comments:  writes like shes talking to a friend while lounging on the couch.
spanklin    profile - diary
comments:  its all about the delivery
ppl-watching    profile - diary
comments:  its becoming a habit
asitwere    profile - diary
comments:  can do a pretty impressive imitation of my accent.
white-lies    profile - diary
comments:  indie-snob has feelings too.
smoog    profile - diary
comments:  admit that you're more like her than you'd like to admit
punchdrunken    profile - diary
comments:  secrets are most fun when they're shared
gir-my-hero    profile - diary
comments:  miss mysteriouso
sunshine1447    profile - diary
comments:  the quiet things that no one ever knows
davemcflurry    profile - diary
comments:  interested me from day one and the more i read, the more i want to read.
chikyblonde    profile - diary
comments:  when your brain and your heart are at odds, good sense is nowhere to be found.
shesajar    profile - diary
comments:  and also political
paupion    profile - diary
comments:  dyes her hair purple while listening to brand new. oh.hell.yeah.
culturesnob    profile - diary
comments:  agree to disagree.
maverick-js    profile - diary
comments:  "if all san franciscans united their ass' to be one giant ass...what a muscular behemoth of an ass it would be" THIS is exactly why im going to start reading her diary
adulterous-k    profile - diary
comments:  scandalous, really. and its all done so well.
cosbysweater    profile - diary
comments:  lets balance those scales, shall we?
im-a-writer    profile - diary
comments:  "it sounds nuts, but then again, love is nuts" and his layout had absolutely no influence on my descision to put him here. =)
heartbrkkid    profile - diary
comments:  new diary on dland and glad shes here.
captainron    profile - diary
comments:  one of the nice guys.
huocer    profile - diary
comments:  "if i could talk to myself like i was someone else, well then maybe i could take your advice and i wouldnt act like such an asshole all the time"
austinliz    profile - diary
comments:  now you have 96.
habbit    profile - diary
comments:  new favorite and new friend.
billbones    profile - diary
comments:  diarist extremest
hungerhurts    profile - diary
comments:  sent me real life mail! =)
jezebell    profile - diary
comments:  diamonds on the inside.
intofantasy    profile - diary
comments:  Fantasy: noun 1. imaginative power: creative power of imagination 2. mental image or dream: an image or dream created by the imagination 3. psychology creation of mental images: the creation of exaggerated mental images in response to an ungratified need
redcadmium    profile - diary
comments:  "too bad you're not flexible enough to kick it out of your own head"
autumn-kitty    profile - diary
comments:  "high road? depends on how many drinks i've had"
laboheme532    profile - diary
comments:  viva la vie boheme
nycsexpolits    profile - diary
comments:  naughty's evil twin sister. but we like, alot.

My favorite music:

dashboard confessional
comments:  pouring over photographs, im living in your letters. breathe, deeply from this envelope, it smells like you and i cant be without that scent. its filling me with all you mean to me
saves the day
comments:  if you've got a quarter, you can stick it in my neck. play whatever song you want for whatever mood you're in
juliana theory
comments:  do u feel love or a lack thereof? love is a bond w/out reason, a cry for connection, a light in ur eyes. love is a reason for living, a reason for trying, a reason for life. 4get the feeling, get all of ur reasons-life is love or lack thereof
brand new
comments:  i shot the pilot, now im begging you to fly this for me
alkaline trio
comments:  waking up next to nothing after dreaming of u & me. im waking up all alone, waking up so relieved. while ur taking ur time with apologies, im planning out my revenge. red eyes on orange horizons. if columbus was wrong i'd drive straight off the edge

My favorite movies:

american beauty
super troopers
high fidelity
shawshank redemption
office space

My favorite authors:

david sedaris
james joyce
jd salinger
chuck palahniuk
stephen chbosky

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