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Confessions of a Freaky-Deaky Dutch Girl

In a world full of angles, it's often good to throw in a few curves.



My favorite diaries:

snideblonde    profile - diary
comments:  one of my best friends. lucky me!
neko-carre    profile - diary
comments:  the totally cool chick who designed my web-site!
reddirtgirl    profile - diary
comments:  way cool, and she likes Colin Firth too.
ethelalcohol    profile - diary
comments:  great take on life
gingeryette    profile - diary
comments:  "note to self: start entire life over and make exactly opposite decisions in every choice ever presented."
mrs-roboto    profile - diary
comments:  funny, cool, funny
fancyass    profile - diary
comments:  living my life, elsewhere
paper-girl    profile - diary
k-cowboy    profile - diary
comments:  long time friend who thinks WAY too much, and always has stuff to say
rdhdprincess    profile - diary
comments:  lipstick all the way, baby
laura-jane    profile - diary
comments:  lovely lady living on a lovely island
crusher    profile - diary
comments:  my secret twin
grlscout    profile - diary
comments:  any friend of Shanny's ....
ann-frank    profile - diary
comments:  kept me entertained for days when I first found her
bettinas    profile - diary
comments:  another fan of Zadie Smith. can't go wrong there
alicewonders    profile - diary
comments:  doesn't write often, but great stuff when she does
red-wine    profile - diary
comments:  a gal after my own heart
unclebob    profile - diary
bathtubmary    profile - diary
comments:  another one of the cool gals
weetabix    profile - diary
ohfiona    profile - diary
rubyfoxx    profile - diary
pandionna    profile - diary
comments:  because she rights brilliant, witty, intelligent rants.
licalicious    profile - diary
bindyree    profile - diary
oh-sweat-pea    profile - diary
beltwaybelle    profile - diary

My favorite music:

Ry Cooder
comments:  just the best musical taste ever. has he made a single bad record?
Lucinda Williams
comments:  can't stop listening to her these days
Dean Martin
comments:  no one is as smooth as dean-o
Bobbie Bland
comments:  nothing like some really good R & B to put a smile on my face.
Leonard Cohen
comments:  the coolest man alive. plus the best song writer

My favorite movies:

Bridgit Jones' Diary
comments:  I LOVE Colin Firth, so add to this The Girl With The Pearl Earing, and Love, Actually, and Pride and Prejudice ...
Spinal Tap
comments:  Waiting For Guffman, Best In Show. Anything Chritopher Guest does, really.
Lost In Translation
comments:  The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.
Gone With The Wind
comments:  and Cleopatra, and Wuthering Heights, and (of course) Casablance, and ...
Bad(der) Santa
comments:  Possibly the funniest movie I've seen this year.

My favorite authors:

Anne Marie McDonald
comments:  Fall On Your Knees, The Way The Crow Flies ... BRILLIANT!!!
Barbara Gowdy
comments:  I've only read "The White Bone", but I love, love, love it!
Phillip Pullman
comments:  Kids stories for adults (or kids with REALLY big brains)
Christopher Moore
comments:  Perhaps the funniest author alive? Read "Lamb". Really, just read it.
Zadie Smith
comments:  The Autographman, White Teeth ... she's cool and she's not even 30.

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