Ergo, Atlas

my musing, and some other things. Rants on occasion, sex often. I actually updated my buddy list after a long time -- it now reflects what I actually read. All others are appreciated, of course.

My favorite diaries:

violet-leigh profile - diary
comments: my wife, my love, the mother of our daughter
ejaculated profile - diary
rose-phoenix profile - diary
thatgrrrl profile - diary
elberry profile - diary
evil-floaty profile - diary
lapisllong profile - diary
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bluering profile - diary
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My favorite music:

Holly Cole
comments: Her voice is milk and honey and single malt scotch
Miles Davis
comments: he was cool before I was even born
Neil Diamond
comments: he remains cooler than you think
Johhny Cash
comments: anti-cool becomes cool eventually

My favorite movies:

Lawrence of Arabia
comments: the visuals, the ideas, the man who was a true legend
The Godfather I, II
comments: family, America, and why we love freedom
The Terminator
comments: Linda Hamilton is worth the price every time
Sophie's Choice
comments: choosing is never easy, choose again
The Man Who Would Be King
comments: Connery, Caine, Huston, Kipling -- need we say more

My favorite authors:

Dan Simmons
comments: brilliant imagination
Ayn Rand
comments: because you don't have to believe it all, just the important parts
Nick Tosches
comments: read him and see the world from the street up in sentences sent from heaven

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