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I've got a cat, I've got a man and I've got an attitude problem.

In other words I'm in my 30s and live somewhere in the Northern Ireland countryside. Devoted mummy to Gypsy the cat and enaged to Dave, we'd be married by now if I could get over my addiction to reading wedding magazines. Married to Dave obviously, not the cat because that would just be silly since she's a girl cat and I don't think I'm her type anyway.

Don't expect personal entries since my life's just as dull as the other millions of bloggers out there. Do expect caustic comments, tasteless remarks and black humour.



My favorite diaries:

David-Artois    profile - diary
comments:  This is 'my' Dave by the way ;-) The man I share my life with.
Azmad    profile - diary
comments:  An old buddy of mine from 'real life'. I really would trust him with my life.
Meganlala    profile - diary
Thedetails    profile - diary
Bluefrog    profile - diary
Souljourn    profile - diary
Genghis-jon    profile - diary
Boredlaura    profile - diary
Squirrelrat    profile - diary
Loudwoman    profile - diary
dark-embrace    profile - diary
melissa1983    profile - diary
sugarbabylon    profile - diary
nightdragon    profile - diary
Hellmutt    profile - diary
Meeyapede    profile - diary

My favorite music:

David Devant And His Spirit Wife
comments:  No-one has ever heard of these guys....which is sad
The Cure
comments:  Goth, goth, goth....
The Damned
comments:  #Hold my hand, blood is rushing to my head; no pleasure tonight in lying in bed#
Adam Ant
comments:  Forget the cheesy videos - just listen to the albums
The Doors
comments:  Jim Morrison is God

My favorite movies:

comments:  Makes me cry every time.
comments:  Could be any Kevin Smith film.
The Good, The Bad And The Ugly
comments:  The entire trilogy is fantastic.
comments:  One of the few films to grip me from beginning to end. Based on a rather good short story by Clive Barker.
Pulp Fiction
comments:  Quentin Tarantino at the height of his powers.

My favorite authors:

Terry Pratchett
comments:  If you haven't read any Discworld novels, do so at once.
Ann Rice
comments:  She may be running out of steam now, but Lestat is one classy bloodsucker.
Stephen King
comments:  If he wrote in any genre except horror, he'd be lauded by the literary set.
Tom Holt
comments:  Almost as good as Pratchett.
Herbert Van Thal
comments:  Remember? He compiled all those groovy Pan Book of Horror Stories series.

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