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Where dreams are good and life is better. Fancy phants and all. flusi from florida

My favorite diaries:

Molu4 profile - diary
comments: in the beginning there was wailing
Brittania profile - diary
comments: then there was sweetness, then there was not
Irisheyes70 profile - diary
comments: anyone who likes Marilyn - I think
Bathsheba profile - diary
comments: well, the girl is going to Colorado
Psipsina47 profile - diary
comments: because it will be good
Brainfrag profile - diary
comments: because it is good
hungryghost profile - diary
comments: once again it was the picture and Vaclav Havel
Frances1972 profile - diary
comments: the country life is best! I want to be a Slovak peasant!
hulamoons profile - diary
comments: Seattle must be the greatest!
Sundaygirl profile - diary
comments: Never been there but it would be nice
Rubyfoxx profile - diary
comments: Any friend of the ghost
jabu profile - diary
comments: writes like I think; friend of Molu and Sweetness
beltedweir profile - diary
comments: back to North Carolina
gerkat profile - diary
comments: Hmm, stealing elections bad, I like it!
ohfiona profile - diary
comments: finally, another NY girl; feels like a friend of a friend
tealeaf5 profile - diary
comments: thank goodness she is back

My favorite music:

comments: Love Shack - bang, bang, bang on the door baby!!
Eric Clapton
comments: from the beginning to the unplugged and the jaz, all good
The Beatles
comments: ok - I am a child of the 60s -
Led Zepplin
comments: Stairway to Heaven - there has to be one

My favorite movies:

From Hell
comments: my newest favorite -
Dirty Dancing
comments: oh the truth it do hurt - but Esteban will watch it with me
Moulin Rouge
comments: Even better - and they both should have won

My favorite authors:

R. Vrba
comments: I cannot Forgive - the absolute best book I ever read
Vaclav Havel
comments: the green grocer - oh the blissfulness of deceit

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